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Kurt R.A. Giambastiani

  Quotes from Authors
on the Books and Writings of Kurt R.A. Giambastiani

Unraveling Time

K.A. Corlett, author of Ever Your Servant

Giambastiani weaves a rich tapestry of period, pladce, and character in this riveting journey of souls.

Dreams of the Desert Wind

Robert A. Metzger, author of Cusp

An amazing tale that blurs the lines between mystery, fantasy, and science fiction to create a work of remarkable achievement...[Giambastiani is] a writer with the powerful ability to draw real characters in his fictional settings.

James Van Pelt, author of Strangers and Beggars

Gritty as a sandstorm, real as tomorrow's news, and marvelous as a genie's vision. Detailed and surprisingly beautiful. Giambastiani paints a sympathetic portrait of what living in a war-torn and violent part of the globe might be while telling a tale of what it could be, if only the ancient magic could work.

Louise Marley, author of The Child Goddess

This intriguing tale richly details old and new Jerusalem, the Bedouins of histgory, and the politics of the future.


Convincing characters, an ancient mystery, and the vivid and intriguing backdrop of the Middle Eastern desert...simply outstanding.

The Fallen Cloud Saga

William Fortschen, Author of the Lost Regiment series

Kurt has a certain style, an attention to historical detail that is impressive. His knowledge of the Cheyenne is encyclopedic; combining that knowledge with a flair for a rousing good story has resulted in a great alternate history tale.

S.M. Stirling, author of the Nantucket series

A fresh and interesting treatment of Native American legend.


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