The Books and Writings of
Kurt R.A. Giambastiani

  Quotes from Critics
on the Books and Writings of Kurt R.A. Giambastiani

Dreams of the Desert Wind


The characterization, lyrical prose, and pacing are nearly flawless, and readers close the book hoping that it is only the first in a new series.

The Year the Cloud Fell


A fast-paced, imaginative, intelligent alternate history with a bold, breathtaking climax.

The Spirit of Thunder


A real success among alternate histories.

The Alien Online

I can recommend this book whole-heartedly.


Quick plotting, good characterization, and great descriptions soon sweep the reader into the maelstrom.

Shadow of the Storm


An undeniably successful alternate history.


The tale of One Who Flies becomes more compelling with each book in the series.

From the Heart of the Storm

The Alien Online

The Fallen Cloud Saga just keeps getting better and better...


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