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on Dreams of the Desert Wind


The author of the Fallen Cloud saga has done his homework on the Middle East as well as he did on the Cheyenne, the saga's people, and has created a compact, lyrical fantasy. David Finebaum is an archeolinguist, or student of dead languages, in Jerusalem when he starts hearing one of those languages in his dreams, and then on the street. His desperate curiosity impels him on a perilous pilgrimage through Jerusalem into the Arab Quarters, where he survives a mixed reception. But the secret he pursues lies in the hands of a Bedouin tribe, and even if it means abandoning his lover, Israeli intelligence lieutenant Rivka Danilovitch, David must go. Reaching the tribe, he encounters Ghazayil, a girl he previously encountered in his dreams, and discovers that it is his destiny to marry her and preserve the secret of the tribe. The characterization, lyrical prose, and pacing are nearly flawless, and readers close the book hoping that it is only the first in a new series.

—Roland Green

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