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Hello and welcome. This page is here to tell you a bit about me and my writing and is best viewed at 800x600. I hope that you enjoy what you see. The majority of the graphics are mine and I'm handling all of the content. While this is my page, and thus about me, I do not intend for it to be shameless self-promotion only. To that end, I've included link lists and essays about writing Science Fiction and Fantasy and, more importantly, getting published.

I spend my time doing many things and so my links may look a bit eclectic. I'm a medieval historian by training, as well as a linguist. I work in web marketing and design. I write SF and Fantasy and have written a number of non-fiction articles and book condensations as well. You're welcome to drop me a line any time you like. For those of you who can't click on the button to your left, my e-mail is: kitsune@xmission.com.

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