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James A. Bailey's home page

Welcome to my online home. Not much changes here very often, but below is a rundown of some things I've done or am working on.

Who am I?

The Big Project that I'm now working on is editing Elysian Fiction, a semi-pro webzine featuring fantasy short fiction. The first issue will be available June 1st. If you're interested in submitting a story, here are the guidelines.

Cover: The Age of ReasonOn the writing side, my first sold and published story, "The Ever-Rising Tide" is available through SFF-Net Publishing via the anthology The Age of Reason: Stories of the New Millenium, edited by Kurt Roth (ISBN 0966969812). That's the cover to the left (click on image to see bigger version). You can also buy it at Borders, Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble. Suggested retail is 14.95. There's also a limited (55 copies) leather-bound hardcover, signed by all the authors, for $75.

I'm VERY pleased by the names that I'll be sharing the Table of Contents with, particularly my good friends Diana Rowland, Lisa Silverthorne, and Vera Nazarian. The whole experience has been a blast, the highlight so far being present for the book's debut at NASFIC. :-)

Mostly, though, I'm just a fan of SF/F, and the biggest part of that right now is my Short Fiction Roundup Web Site. I'm finally making an attempt to relaunch the site, and have even obtained my own domain for it (http://www.sfroundup.com/). Inside Short Fiction Roundup, you'll be able to find listings of most pro, and many semi-pro publications and stories from 1996 up to the present, as well as an author index for each year. My goal is not only to provide the definitive online resource for lovers of genre short fiction, but to stimulate discussion by providing a forum for reviews and comments on the stories. You can get an idea of what it will be like from the link to the old site above, while I'll try to provide information on the relaunch at the new domain.


One of the reasons I got behind on Short Fiction Roundup was my work on The Market List web site. It's an online market guide and resource for genre writers compiled by Christopher Holliday. Besides the web pages, I've also contributed some interview articles. The first, with author Melisa C. Michaels, I've posted on site here (Interview). The second and third, with Keith R.A. DeCandido (Editor at Byron Preiss Multimedia Company), and Liz Holliday (Editor of Odyssey magazine) are on The Market List site. I'm no longer involved with the site, and while it was a contributing factor to falling behind on my own project, I certainly don't regret the opportunities it provided to meet different people in the industry.


Besides writing fiction, I'm going to be playing with writing and recording some music over the coming months. Drop in to see how I'm progressing and to download some songs. At the end of it all, I may even have my own CD!


Back on May 2nd, 1998, I moderated the SFF-Net Nebula Chat with Vonda N. McIntyre as the online host live from the banquet in Santa Fe, NM. The above link gives details about the award, and you can read/download the chat transcript as well.


If you like games, especially those where treachery is the vital component, you might like to take a look at the Diplomacy game I was moderating for SFF-Net participants. Included with these pages is a tutorial on how to play, so that even spectators who have never heard of the game can enjoy the deceit, backstabbing, and other everyday behaviors of respectable world leaders. Unfortunately, the game fizzled to a stop when I didn't have time to keep up with it.


I'm also a big music fan, generally of 80s/90s alternative rock. On my other site is my Tony Carey/Planet P Project Fan Page, a collection of info and fan messages about the man, his band, and the greatest Science-Fiction Rock Album of all time.


And for your amusement, here's one of my science-fiction short stories, "Forty-Sixth Contact". I know I'm blowing my first rights and stuff by posting it here, but it was my second story ever, has already made the rounds, and is not in danger of being published anywhere but here by me. At least it's short, cute, and . . . well, short.


If you would like to drop me a line, you can e-mail me at JBailey@sff.net.

Or you can peek into my newsgroup here at news://news.sff.net/sff.people.jbailey (newsreader link) or http://webnews.sff.net/ to read and post to my newsgroup via a web browser to see what's the hot topic of the day.

If you find me too dull for your tastes (moi?), there are TONS of Other People hanging out on SFF.NET, so you're sure to find somebody interesting.

And if you think this is a pretty cool place to hang out yourself, here's how to sign up with SFF Net.

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