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Obsession Tree,

Is the name I've given my "band" for the purpose of writing and recording enough songs to make up an entire album. It's been something I've dreamed of doing for years, but a combination of not being good enough to pursue any professional aspirations with music, and a lack of equipment good enough to satisfy my "vision" kept me from actively following that dream.

Well, now that I have access to a computer fast enough to record full-digital multitrack sound, and a good supply of software with the kind of capabilities that would have cost thousands just a handful of years ago, I think I can make a go at it. Also, the existance of an outlet like MP3.com has prodded me to see how I can stack up.

There are some very admitted limitations to my playing skills and vocal prowess, but with some deft manipulation of the digital multitrack environment, I think I can put together an interesting collection of songs. We'll see.

As I write and record the songs for this album, tentatively titled Unrealities, I'll post updates, snippets, and even full songs here. They will also be uploaded to my MP3.com site as they are completed one by one. When I have that full album's worth, I'll then sign up for their DAM CD service so that actual paying customers can purchase it (yeah right!).

For now, here are some demos** that I've made previously. 2 songs that I recorded a number of years ago using a cassette 4-track machine, and a little piece that was the result of playing with the various software to see if this project was feasible. Enjoy! (MP3 files here will be at half the sample rate and size of the files downloadable directly from mp3.com. All RealMedia files must be downloaded and played from your hard drive, since this server doesn't support streaming, though any songs available on the mp3 page can be streamed from there.)


Recorded on a 4-track, but there are 15 tracks worth of sound squeezed into this one. I think the overall sound is quite good for what I had to work with.

MP3: stay2.mp3 (2.1M, 64kbps, 22khz)
RealPlayer: stay.rm (1.5M)

"Dancing to Death and Destruction" (not uploaded yet)

How can you resist a title like that?


Just something I came up with fooling around seeing if I could digitally record music.  It appears so.  All this was just first-take improv (except the drum machine) so take it as it is.

MP3: lala.mp3 (1.1M)
RealPlayer: lala.rm (387k).  The compression has done interesting things to the drum sounds, but it's actually kind of cool.

"This Is..."

First track for Unrealities, a short intro piece (1:30) that sets the table for what's to come. Files below are rough mixes.

MP3: thisis.mp3 (720k). Instrumental version.
MP3: thisis2.mp3 (720k). With vocals.


** All files are in either .mp3 or .rm format.

For an .mp3 player, you can probably find one at http://www.download.com/ or http://www.mp3.com/

For .rm files, you need the G2 RealPlayer available at http://www.real.com/


All music and text on this site is Copyright © James A. Bailey.  All rights reserved.  Distribution prohibited.

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