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Updated July 28, 1997

1997 Short Story Author Index

1997 Publications

If you want to see what your favorite writer has been up to, pick a letter, then see if he/she has done any short work this year. If so, links from story titles go to the comment/review page for that work on my site here. A link from an author's name takes you directly to his/her home page. A link from a publication title takes you to its home page.

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Currently listing 465 Titles by 345 Authors with 37 Home Pages.

Because of the eventual length of the index, I've broken it over four pages (A-D, E-L, M-R, and S-Z) to make page loading quicker. Each page has an index pointer like above at the top, so if you want to go someplace else quickly, just hit a "top of page" link, then the letter you want to go to. If you've followed a story title link to look at or make comments, just hit your "back" button to get back into the index where you left off.

Have fun!