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Updated November 21, 1997

SF Roundup: Links of Interest

Here are some links that I've collected. Most of these relate directly to SF/F short stories, but even those that don't should be interesting. For short-story writer home pages, look in the Author Indexes (1996 // 1997). If you know of any other links that should be here, send them to me at jbailey@sff.net for consideration.

Magazines: Print publications with SF/F short fiction.

Aboriginal SF

Adventures of Sword & Sorcery


The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine



Pirate Writings


Terra Incognita

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Publishers: SF/F Novels, Collections and Anthologies.

Ace Books

Baen Books


Byron Preiss Multimedia Company


Tor Books

White Wolf

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E-Zines: Online magazines with SF/F short fiction.

Dargonzine. Shared-world Fantasy E-zine that's been on the 'net since 1986.

Infinite Edge. A new pro-paying online magazine with SF/F/H and more.

Mind's Eye Fiction. Pro short fiction on the Web? Yes, with many names you'd recognize as well as talented newcomers. Read half the story, then either pay a token amount to read the rest, or navigate an interactive ad and proceed courtesy of the advertiser.

Omni Magazine Online.

Tomorrow Speculative Fiction.

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Resources: Anything online with information about SF/F short fiction.

Internet Speculative Fiction Database. If you want as close to a complete index to the genre as you are likely to find, this is it.

The Market List. Comprehensive site for market and submission information for writers of genre short fiction. Also contains many articles, interviews and reviews about writing, writers, and the publications they appear in.

Tangent. This magazine does review all of the short fiction that counts in the field. Find out how to get it here.

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Miscellaneous: Whatever else I find that is worthy of a link.

Commonplace Reviews. Robert G. Buice, Jr. has created his own site for short story and novel reviews, his own as well as from others. Another good place for story discussions.

SFF-Net. Lots of author pages, numerous links of interest, and they even have their own newsgroups for discussing various topics. There's even one for the short-form of the field. (If you haven't been here before, try the "newsgroups" link first to see if you have compatible software since this links directly into the news feed.)

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Science Fiction Weekly

World Science Fiction Convention. This is the jumping off point for all recent and upcoming WorldCons. 1998's edition will be in Baltimore, MD, USA (BucconeerCon).

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