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....but I am a writer of speculative fiction, book reviews, and many other things (newsletters, technical publications, press releases, etc., etc.).

October 2011 • It's A Party!

My ebook publisher, Uncial Press, is celebrating its five-year anniversary this month...and to celebrate, they're giving away a bushel of ebooks -- and not one but two ebook readers!  There's a book giveaway every day in October, with Phantom of the Operetta being the daily prize on Monday, Oct. 17th.

As part of the celebration -- and to give you an extra taste of the world in which Juliet McKenna's adventures take place -- I've just posted a new short-short Halloween tale here on the Web site.  Take a look at Supernatural Timing, then check out Juliet's stories here and at Uncial Press.

Allen Pavilion, Ashland, OR

July 2010 • New Fiction

I've posted a new original short story, written for the John Scalzi/Wil Wheaton Fanfic Contest (being judged by a Jury of Awesomeness even as I type this).

April 2010 • Site Makeover

In addition to a modest visual makeover, I've done some long-overdue site maintenance and made some significant content changes:

  • All of the essays in the Fantasy & SF section have been updated, and in some cases new reference links have been added.
  • The "Noted & Booked" review page and the "Around the Web" link page have -- reluctantly -- been retired. While I'll definitely continue commenting on books and pointing at interesting Web sites, that material will be appearing on my LiveJournal (where I am regularly posting again after a too-long hiatus).
  • And of course there are new lyrics in the lyrics archive.

State of the eBooks

Uncial Press continues to offer the first two stories about Juliet McKenna, stage actress and renegade Sidhe: Charmed, I'm Sure and Phantom of the Operetta.  Both are available in a variety of formats.  I'm presently working on a new story featuring Juliet; watch this space for updates.