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Janet Lynnford
History with a Woman's Touch!

Don't miss her lavishly sensual tales
of love and adventure.

Lynnford's women are strong, independent, and passionate
as they move through history and make their mark on the world.

Now available!!

Janet Lynnford's
Shetland Summer

ISBN 0-451-41032-7

Shetland Summer historical romance novel cover
Read an excerpt here.

In my sixth book from New American Library, issued under the Onyx imprint, I weave the fascinating tale of Drummond, the young cousin of Alex Graham in Firebrand Bride, and his lady love, Gemma Sinclair. Travel with them to the beautiful, windswept Shetland Isles just north of Scotland.

On a summer night in the Shetland Isles, during the season of the midnight sun, a herd of wild ponies runs free . . . and a handsome wanderer meets a silver- haired enchantress. . . .


Drummond Graham's business on the island is seemingly simple--to purchase wool. But his ability to charm women and draw out their deepest confidences raises the suspicions of Gemma Sinclair, companion to the Lady of the Shetland Isles. Even as she falls under his seductive spell, she wonders. Is the green-eyed warrior masking a darker purpose for coming to the isles.


When Gemma offers to guide Drummond around the island, he questions her motives. Her beauty touches his senses, and her innocent courage, his soul. But surely her loyalty lies with the tyrannical laird who holds her uncle prisoner and thwarts Drummond's secret quest. Despite his doubts, when Gemma faces deceipt and danger, Drummond handfasts with her. His daring tumbles them into a tantalizing intimacy that demands his decision. Should he continue his perilous quest alone? Or should he trust both Gemma and his passion, making her his bride of the summer isles in truth. . . .

Jani Brooks of Romance Reviews Today says of Shetland Summer, "An adventure, a history lesson, and a remarkable love story are beautifully presented in Janet Lynnford's latest novel. The dialogue, with accurate local dialect, flows so smoothly that it's easy to get caught up in each discussion. Secondary characters affect the story in a great many ways, but the earl's evil presence overshadows them all. Excellent writing is the hallmark of SHETLAND SUMMER. To be drawn so deeply into a story, and emerge later knowing exactly what the characters look like, how barren and beautiful the islands are, and to receive a history lesson at the same time is, to me, terrific story telling.
Do not miss this terrific tale. SHETLAND SUMMER belongs on everyone's reading list this year."

Read Ms. Brooks' complete review of Shetland Summerhere.

Shetland Summer is followed by Janet's Spellbound Summer, the story of the youngest Cavandish girl, Angelica, and her journey to Scotland to find her heart's desire. Read an excerpt here .

Read an interview just posted in May 2002 with Janet Lynnford at the delightful web site, Romance Ever here.

First there was the story of Lucina Cavandish and the Border lord Alex Graham. Firebrand Bride historical romance novel book
cover gif

Shetland Summer historical romance novel cover On May 7th, 2002, hurry to your favorite bookseller for the story of Drummond Graham (from Firebrand Bride) and his bride of Fair Isle, Gemma Sinclair. Read an excerpt here.

Coming in August 2002, the dazzling story of Angelica Cavandish (Lucina's younger sister) and Geddes MacCallum Spellbound

Still available in some stores and upon request,
Janet Lynnford's
ISBN 0-451-40832-4

Shetland Summer historical romance novel cover

Matthew Cavandish returns from two years at sea to discover that a lady of ethereal beauty has taken his rebellious teenage son under her wing. He soon rescues this lady from certain death, and she reciprocates with a keen insight into his heart . . . but vanishes into the night without revealing her identity. . . .


Cordelia Hailsworthy can't imagine why anyone would want to kill her. While she's sparked controvery at court by ignoring social rank at her unique card parties, her unconventional ways are hardly enough to mark her for death. Her only comfort is the child she has grown to love as her own--the child of the uncompromising baron who is now charged with protecting her life. . . .

Kathe Robin of Romantic Times says of Bride of Hearts, "Readers will be captivated as Lynnford's strong and believable characters make their way through a maze of intrigue while she allows us to see into their hearts with a keen insight into what makes relationships tick--those between father and son as well as friends and lovers."

Library Journal says of Bride of Hearts, "Rich with historical detail and insightful characterizations, this intricately plotted story skillfully entangles its characters in a deadly web of murder and political intrigue as it credibly--and occasionally chillingly--depicts the political undercurrents, jockeying for influence, and royal meddling and manipulation so typical of the Elizabethan court."

Firebrand Bride
(ISBN 0-451-40764-4)
Still available in some stores or upon request!
Firebrand Bride historical romance novel book
cover gif

Lucina Cavandish traveled to Scotland to claim a piece of land she inherited--and fulfill her lifelong dream of breeding horses. Caught in a raid, she is kidnapped and tempted into aiding the notorious Black Graham with his most treasured scheme. Though a bold and fearsom warrior, he secretly dreams of peace along the Scots Border--and shares Lucina's love of horses.


As wild and beautiful as a young filly, Lucina inspires a driving passion in the lord, whose body yearns to tame her, yet whose heart shies away from the bonds of love. Though an unwilling bride, Lucina slowly but surely surrenders to the heat of his touch--and her unrestrained desire will brand itself upon his soul forever . . . .

To read an excerpt from this exciting book, Firebrand Bride, click here now! You'll never guess the key to the mystery subplot in this dazzling story! If you ask your bookseller to order this book today, it may go into a third printing!

Tess Gerritsen, NY Times bestselling author of Harvest, Life Support, Gravity, and romances from Mira, says Janet's Firebrand Bride is "Lush and sexy. A compelling read that brings the romance of the Scottish countryside to life."

Reviewers say--

"Janet Lynnford's lyrical style weaves pure magic through a story rich with poignancy and drama. Lady Shadowhawk is breathtaking!"
--Connie Rinehold, Unspoken Vows
also writing as Eve Byron, My Lord Destiny

Rendezvous review magazine calls Lynnford's Lady Shadowhawk "A provocative tale with intense characters and some heart pounding twists that leave the reader wanting more. An effective story from beginning to end."

Other books by Janet Lynnford . . .

Lord of Lightning (ISBN 0-451-40685-0) is an electrifying romance! The action and romance go hand in hand . . . from the first page to the titillating conclusion!"
--The Literary Times

"A captivating tale that will hold you spellbound!"

--Patricia Rice

Read how my pen name became Janet Lynnford

Pirate's Rose--The first novel in Lynnford's intricately woven 16th-century tapestry of her stunning Cavandish family tales, a series about the children of England's richest merchant. Pirate's Rose was a finalist in the Virginia Romance Writers' 1996 HOLT Medallion competition for best first book.

More praise for Janet Lynnford's Pirate's Rose:

"Pirate's Rose (ISBN 0-451-40597-8), Lynnford's first book, is just the kind of dynamic, spirited, richly detailed romance I love to read. I expect great things from this author."
--Linda Lael Miller
NY Times Bestselling author of Pirates and Knights

"Janet Lynnford captures the lush sensuality of the Elizabethan period with effortless skill. Rich in passion and intrigue and blessed with a vibrant heroine and a winning hero, Pirate's Rose is a delightful romantic adventure."
--Teresa Medeiros

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