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Published Nonfiction Books by Jeff Hecht

Beam: The Race to Make the Laser Oxford University Press, New York. Available from

Understanding Fiber Optics 5th ed Prentice Hall, Available Now (ISBN 013-117429-0). In US call Prentice Hall Direct at 1-800-282-0693, or you can order now from

Introduction to Laser Technology 3rd ed, Breck Hitz, J. J. Ewing and Jeff Hecht IEEE Press 2001 (ISBN 0-7803-5373-0). Available from

City of Light: The Story of Fiber Optics, Oxford University Press, New York, March 1999. (ISBN 0-19-510818-3) A book in the Sloan Foundation Technology series. See my fiber-optic chronology and short overview of fiber history. For near-immediate gratification, order now from

Laser: Light of a Million Uses, with Dick Teresi, Dover, Mineola, NY, 1998 (ISBN 0-486-40193-6) (reprint, with new preface, of Laser: Supertool of the 1980s, originally published by Ticknor and Fields, New York, 1982, paper 1984. There also are Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, and Dutch translations). The Dover edition is available now from

Understanding Lasers 2nd ed. IEEE Press 1994 (ISBN 0-7803-1005-5). (first edition, Howard W. Sams. 1988) If you're an IEEE member, check the IEEE web site for a special discount. Nonmembers can order from

Vanishing Life: The Mystery of Mass Extinctions, Charles Scribner's Sons/Atheneum, 1993, (ISBN 0-684 19331-0) (young adult). For immediate gratification, order now from

The Laser Guidebook 2nd ed Tab/McGraw-Hill, New York, 1992 (ISBN 0-8306-4274-9) (1st ed. 1986). A review of the important features of all major types of lasers, from semiconductor diode lasers to free-electron laser, available now from

Laser Pioneers Academic Press, 1991 (ISBN 0-12-336030-7). To sample the book you can read an excerpt on the great laser race. If you enjoy that, read the rest and order now from

Shifting Shores: Rising Seas, Retreating Coastlines Charles Scribner's Sons, 1990 (young adult, out of print; available from by special arrangement)

Optics: Light for a New Age Charles Scribner's Sons,1988 (ISBN 0-684-18879-1) (Young Adult). For near-immediate gratification, order from [The Optical Society of America has republished this book; please e-mail me for more information.]

Beam Weapons: The Next Arms Race Now available from as ISBN 0595094503 The background for ongoing efforts to develop high-energy laser weapons. Order from [Originally published by Plenum, New York, 1984 (ISBN 0-306-41546-1)]. [For further information, please e-mail me.]

Book No Longer In Progress

The Ages of Earth

with Christopher R. Scotese. A history of the Earth for the general reader, amply illustrated with plate tectonic maps showing the changing continents, and pictures of the evolving life of our planet. It was fun to write, and would have been pretty to look at, but it got caught in a pair of publishing mergers. To see some of Chris Scotese's wonderful maps, visit the Paleomap site.

Why I added the crassly commercial 'buy me' links.

Over the years, several people have called me with similarly distressing messages. They've been looking for one of my books, but they could not find it. One friend started walking in midtown Manhattan, stopping in several bookstores, and finally walked into the publisher's office and bought a copy. I don't expect everyone to be that dedicated, so to make it easier to find my books, I have created direct links to They're set up to sell single copies; believe it or not, some publishers aren't. Yes, I get a little extra money if you buy through my links, but my main goal is to make my books easier to find. If you prefer to browse, please patronize your local bookstore; if they don't have copies, they can order them.

If you have trouble finding any of my books, please e-mail me. Publishers often don't tell authors if books go out of stock. I have extra copies of the following out of print books.

Shifting Shores

Laser: Supertool of the 1980s

Understanding Lasers: First edition (Sams)

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