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New Scientist is a weekly magazine published in London. I cover news stories around the world, not just Boston, in fields including paleontology, astronomy, geology, technology, physics, and the environment. The magazine covers the whole range of science and technology around the planet, and their implications for our lives. If you're browsing the Web and want to sample New Scientist, check out its site at (You'll find news, reviews, and more information about the magazine)

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Laser Focus World is a monthly trade magazine serving the laser industry. I was managing editor of the magazine from 1974-1981, and am currently a contributing editor and the institutional memory. During 1999 and 2000, I wrote a series of "Back to Basics" articles on fiber optics; in 2001 I am writing a series of status reports on optical networking technology. Laser Focus World is part of the Advanced Technology group of Pennwell Publishing. For more information on the magazine, and on other publications including free electronic newsletters on the laser industry and medical lasers, try its web site at Laser Focus World

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