Playing with Matches, an anthology

Signet, April 2003
ISBN 0-451-20830-7
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Dragon for Dinner, by Katherine Greyle
Su-Ling Chen will do anything to rebel--including show up at her father's birthday bash witih motorcycle-riding bad boy Mitch Kurtz. But when true passion is ignited, will she defer to the expectations of her family… or choose the man who has stolen her heart?, by Karen Harbaugh
Thrilled that her mother--the Blind Date Empress of Sanfrancisco--had no hand in her meeting Kyle Nakagawa, Amy Miyazaki finds herself falling hard for her new boss. Until she learns that Kyle's father was just as responsible for their first encounter as her meddlesome mother!

The Spice Bazaar, by Sabeeha Johnson
When Nalini agreed to meet the Indian accountant her family picked out for her, she had no idea he'd be so… irresistible. But what will she do when she discovers that the man she met was not her intended, but his friend instead?

Romancing Rose, by Cathy Yardley
Rose Parker decides to take a crash course in Vietnamese culture to avoid her grandmother's incessant matchmaking attempts. But when her hunky tutor offers to teach her about her heart as well as her heritage, Rose wonders if her grandmother isn't on to something after all.

Karen's comments:

Surprise! Yes, I do have a little something coming out before November: A novella in the anthology, Playing with Matches, entitled "" What's different about this? You had to ask? Of course there's something different. It's probably the first Asian-American romantic comedy anthology out there. I personally call it, "The Joy Luck Club meets Bridget Jones' Diary." East clashes with West in this collection of romantic comedies by Asian American romance authors. Yep, that's me...clashing. Done that all my life.

I have something to confess...I based one of the characters on my mother, who is a very good-hearted, kind, and strong-minded woman. To get a hint of which one it is, click this link and see if you can recognize the character in my novella.

Does my mother mind? Well, I gave her a copy of the ARC to read, and she said she found the story very funny, and was happy to see that I had included family names in it, especially that I had used my grandmother's name. So far, she hasn't commented on any resemblences… --KEH