A Special License

(writing as Kathleen Elliott)
Harper Monogram Regency, April 1995
ISBN 0-06-10833-6

The Earl of Rothwick knows exactly what to do with a scheming hussy who tries to ensnare his nephew into marriage: abscond with her himself. Surely an adroit and capable man as himself can carry her off, show her for what she really is, and then send her off to her next paramour in no time at all. Unfortunately, he absconds with the wrong young woman--Linnea Ashley, an impoverished but no-nonsense vicar's daughter. Worse, his ex-betrothed, Sophia, decides to get even with him for slighting her obvious charms--with the help of the dangerous Sir James Marlowe. How is Rothwick going to escape sure retribution? He marries Linnea, of course. But life is never as simple as that for a man as wrong-headed as Lord Rothwick.

book review

"...bright and shining talent...gleams with added lustre in this impeccably crafted Regency romance...(a) lively tale with the flavor of authenticity so valued by Regency connoisseurs, along with a fiery spark of passion sure to win every romance reader's heart." --Romantic Times

Karen's comments

Hmm. This is the second book I wrote. It's been a long time since I've re-read this book, and a long time since I've written it. I'm almost afraid of reading it again. Despite Romantic Times's enthusiasm for the book, I'm not at all certain I would care for it myself, or that it'd hold up after all these years. However, I remember having a grand time writing it, so perhaps the enjoyment still shows through the work.

Hmm. I took a look at a few pages...the dialogue's not too shabby...the POV could have used some work...still, there are some funny parts...not too bad. I might read it again after all. --KEH