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I've found the following websites helpful, both as a reader and a writer:

Romance Reading

Penguin Books USA | All About Romance | Romantic Times Online Home Page |The Romance Reader |The Literary Times - Home Page |All About Romance | Smart Bitches Trashy Books Blog |

Romance Writing

Romance Writers of America |Alicia Rasley's Home Page (note: Alicia is one of the best teachers of writing around, period.)


The Regency Page | The Encyclopedia Mythica | | Myths and Legends - frames | Folklore, Myth and Legend |

Romex sisterhood

There once was a community of romance writers and readers--the Genie Romance Exchange--that eventually became a sisterhood--and I include the male writers and readers in this sisterhood, too. We supported each other through disappointments, celebrated our successes, watched our children grow up, gave virtual hugs and prayers when life became difficult. Though the bulletin board service eventually died, many of us still keep in touch, one way or another. If you have been a Romexer and have a website, e-mail me, so that I can list it here.

Rosalyn Alsobrook | Brenda Hiatt Barber | Anne Barbour | Jill Barnett | Connie Brockway | Jo Beverley | Casey Claybourne | Kathy Carmichael | Jennifer Crusie | Edna Curry | Justine Davis (Justine Dare) |Shannon Donnelly |Karen Fox | Eve Gaddy | Katherine Garbera | Brenda Hiatt Barber | Sandra Hill | Teresa Hill | Vicki Hinze | Anne Holmberg | Trish Jensen | Susan Kearney | Barbara Keiler (Judith Arnold) | April Kihlstrom | Laura Kinsale | Catherine Maxwell | Judith Miller | Beth Pattillo | Alicia Rasley | Laura Resnick | Angie Ray | Christie Ridgway | Hannah Rowan | Roxanne Rustand | Barbara Samuel (Ruth Wind) | Eliza Shallcross | Maggie Shayne | Susan Shwartz | Sonia Simone | Deb Stover | Anne Stuart | Valerie Taylor | Lorna Tedder | Susan Wiggs