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An Introduction: [A drum roll, please...]

If you've sought this page out, you probably already know who I am and what I do. If you don't, then I guess this is the time to introduce myself. Although my name is Kenneth Von Gunden, my friends call me "Dr. Kenny," because I have a Ph.D. in American Culture from Penn State.

I was born in Centre County Hospital in Bellefonte PA (I mention this because Jonathan Frakes of ST:TNG was also born there). Science fiction fans may be interested to learn that Bellefonte, with its "Big Spring" was the fictional "Hostigos" in H. Beam Piper's novel Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen.

I discovered SF at my local library when I was about twelve years old. I began with those big Groff Conklin anthololgies and graduated to Robert A. Heinlein juveniles. Hooked, I went on to read every SF book in the library.

I attended PSU and, when I was a graduate student, assisted Phil Klass (William Tenn) in teaching one of the first SF Literature courses in the United States. It was Phil who encouraged me to blame him.

I taught fiction and nonfiction writing on and off for over ten years at Penn State. While getting my Ph.D., I taught popular culture and film courses at Penn State and the state pen--i.e., Rockview Correctional Institution.

Over the years, I've written and published a number of books and novels.


Five Postmodern Auteurs: Coppola, Lucas, DePalma, Spielberg, and Scorsese. 75,000-word illustrated analytical study. McFarland &Company, Publishers, 1991

Flights of Fancy - The Great Fantasy Films. Popular and scholarly study of the films and their genesis in the genre. McFarland &Company, Publishers, 1989

Alec Guinness: The Films. 100,000-word illustrated analytical study. McFarland &Company, Publishers, 1987

Twenty All-Time Great Science Fiction Films. 150,000-word illustrated nonfiction film book (with Stuart H. Stock). Arlington House/Crown Publishers, 1982


For a look at my science fiction books, just click here The Novels

The Pale Companion, Science fiction novel, 1994. The Berkley Publishing Corporation.

The Sounding Stillness, Science fiction novel, 1993. The Berkley Publishing Corporation.

K-9 Corps: Last Resort, Science fiction novel, 1992. The Berkley Publishing Corporation.

K-9 Corps: Cry Wolf, Science fiction novel, 1992. The Berkley Publishing Corporation.

K-9 Corps: Under Fire, Science fiction novel, 1991. The Berkley Publishing Corporation.

K-9 Corps, Science fiction novel, 1991. The Berkley Publishing Corporation.

StarSpawn, Science fiction novel, 1990. The Berkley Publishing Corporation.


"Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Black Cat' on Film," University of Mississippi Studies in English. 1988

"The RH Factor" - Film Comment, September/October, 1979.


"Scrapings" - Ascents of Wonder, original science fiction anthology edited by David Gerrold. 1977.

"The Price of Honor" - Worlds of If, December 1973.


"The College Professor in American Film," essay chapter in Beyond the Stars, Stock Characters in American Film, editors: Paul Loukides and Linda K. Fuller. Popular Press. 1990.


Poe in the Media - Screen, Songs, and Spoken Word Recordings, by Ronald L. Smith. Poe Studies Association Newsletter, vol. 18, no. 1 (Spring 1990).

H. G. Wells:Desperately Mortal, by David C. Smith, Fantasy Review #96, November 1986.

Copies of my books may be available from Amazon.Com Books.

I often attend Science Fiction Conferences/Conventions, and one of the best is held each year in Pittsburgh. Actually, more recently, been held in Mars...PA. The con's name is Confluence.

If you wish to say hello, you can reach me here: Dr. Kenny

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