I was the kid who was encouraged to write poems to Grandma for her birthday, the kid whose poems were put up on the bulletin board for Parents' Night. It seemed as if it was the only thing I did right in school, so I made the most of it! As a teenager, I wrote passionate poems that no longer rhymed but had very interesting meter . . . and then I lost it. It went away. Maybe teachers were insufficiently impressed. Maybe the rush of adolescent brain chemicals receded . . .

I can still write to meter, and to rhyme, though, and every now and then I do write a poem. Some are "hidden" in my fiction, like the verse Richard remembers for Alec or the chunks of The Swordsman's Tragedy in Swordspoint. Some are written for friends. Two of them are up at the Endicott Studio Coffeehouse.


Gwydion's Loss of Llew

copyright © 2002 Ellen Kushner