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The Terrorists of Irustan

The Terrorists of Irustan is a finalist for the Endeavour Award and is on the preliminary ballot for the Nebula Award. The Terrorists of Irustan was also selected by Voya Magazine as one of the best science fiction novels of 1999 and it was included on the Tiptree Award Council 1999 Recommended Reading List.

Zahra IbSada is a talented medicant on the planet of Irustan. In a nation where women's rights are drastically restricted, her job allows her to see much joy-and pain-in the lives of the women she heals. A wife is brutally beaten. A prostitute suffers at the hands of her employers. And her best friend Kalen struggles to save her daughter from a cruel marriage. She begs Zahra for help. Although Karen's plan goes against her medicant vows, Zahra reluctantly agrees. But this silent act of terrorism will have far-reaching consequences-for herself, and for all the women of her planet...
--Like The Handmaid's Tale, this brilliantly original fable transcends the sf and fantasy genre-a unique vision with great commercial appeal.

"Louise Marley deftly creates a detailed world full of complex characters so believable that they make you feel all their emotions with them: rage, powerlessness, rebellion, terror, determination, and hope."
--Sharon Shinn, author of Archangel

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The Terrorists of Irustan

The Glass Harmonica

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