The (mostly) complete works of Leslie What

                        INTERVIEWS & REVIEWS

        ~ Leslie is interviewed by Unstuck Books
        ~ Leslie is interviewed by Trent Walters
        ~ Crazy Love with an introduction by Kate Wilhelm reviewed by L. Timmel DuChamp in American Book Review
        ~ Crazy Love reviewed in New Pages by Cynthia Reeser
        ~ Crazy Love  (click here to read a review in the July 2009 Perigee by R.A. Rycraft) 
        ~ Crazy Love  Edward Champion's list of Top Ten Books of 2008 and reviewed in The Washington Post
        ~ Booklist says a few words about Crazy Love
        ~ Rick Kleffel groks Crazy Love in The Agony Column
        ~ Olympic Games reviewed by Elizabeth Hand at Fantasy&Science Fiction

Check out "Old Baby"by Leslie What on YouTube with music by Snake Peters

                        SELECTED WRITING


    ~ Upcoming: "Sob Story" at Unstuck #3 
    ~"Three Sisters Have We in Our House" at Serving House Journal, Spring 2013
    ~ "Big Feet" Unstuck October 2011
    ~ "Crash" Los Angeles Review, Spring 2011
    ~ "Milkweed" Serving House Journal, October 2010
    ~ "Dog Eat Dog"  Serving House Journal, April 2010
    ~ "Dog Eat Dog" Contemporary World Writers
    ~ "Counter" Flurb # 13
    ~ "My Big Night Out With Thing" Flurb #11, Spring-Summer 2011
    ~"Living Waters" (essay) Utne Reader, Jan.-Feb. 2010 digest
    ~ "The Elephant Man's Love Child" Daily Science Fiction
    ~ "That Time of Year" (essay) Oregun 55, letterpress edition edited by Dean Rea
    ~ "I Was a Toga-Clad Goddess in the Temple of Love" (essay) Perceptions Literary Magazine
    ~ "Living Waters" (essay) Calyx, summer 2009
    ~ "Grief Stamping" (essay) Perigee, July 2008
    ~ "Why I Wash the Dead" (essay) New Vilna Review, April 2008
    ~ "Money is No Object" Asimov's, October/November 2008
    ~ "My Funny Holocaust" Midstream, March/April 2008, an essay on humor in Holocaust narrative and why it's sometimes just not funny (but why it sometimes is). 
    ~ "Number 1" Electric Velocipede, May 2008 
    ~ "Performance Anxiety" Perigee, July 2007
    ~ "Frankenfetish" Flytrap, May 2007
    ~ "The Morning Call of Birds" Clackamas Literary Review, May, 2006 
    ~ "2:30" Strange Horizons 
    ~ "Aliens Captured Me, Implanted Alien Cookies in My Brain, used Anal Probes, Left me Naked in a Cornfield, and All I Got was This Tee-Shirt" Asimov's, March, 2006 
    ~ "Death Penalty" SciFiction December, 2003 
    ~ "Dead Men On Vacation" Asimov's , February, 2005
    ~ "Blind Date with the Invisible Man" Infinity Plus
    ~ "The Changeling" Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #13 
    ~ "Love Me" The Infinite Matrix, June, 2004 
    ~ "Babies" The Third Alternative, issue #34, 2003 
    ~ "Of Two Minds" Infinite Matrix, September, 2002 
    ~ "Nothing Without a Name" Talebones, Spring, 2000 
    ~ "Picture a World Where All Men Are Named Harry" Quantum Speculative Fiction, issue 2, 1998 
    ~ "The Morning After" Asimov's, (poetry) Oct/Nov, 2000 
    ~ "Paper Mates" Asimov's June, 2001 
    ~ "King for a Day" Asimov's September, 1992 
    ~ "How to Mummify Your Used Sanitary Pads" Hysteria, Summer, 1993 
    ~ "Thanksgiving" SciFiction 
    ~ "The Goddess is Alive, And, Well, Living in New York City" Asimov's, May, 1996 
    ~ "Say Woof" Asimov's Science Fiction, July, 1998 
    ~ "The Cost of Doing Business" Amazing Stories, Winter, 1999 
    ~ "Why We Wash the Dead" (essay) Parabola, May, 2002 
    ~ "Let Me Count the Ways" Vestal Review #9 
    ~ "That Jellyfish Man Keeps A-Rollin" The Third Alternative #29, 2002 
    ~ "I Remember Marta" Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #9 
    ~ "Storytime" The MacGuffin, Spring, 2001 
    ~ "Things Don't Always Turn Out Like You Plan" Realms of Fantasy, November, 2000 
    ~ "Finger Talk" Fugue #9, 1994 
    ~ "The Word You Never Say" Fiction Quarterly, March, 1998 
    ~ "What God Takes" Lilith, Fall, 1995 
    ~ "On Hearing Kazuhito Yamashita play Dvorak's New World Symphony" Japanophile, 1993 
    ~ "Clinging to a Thread" Fantasy and Science Fiction, April, 1994 
    ~ "Perils of Cleavage" Hysteria, Spring, 1994 
    ~ "Magic Carpets" Realms of Fantasy, September/October, 1995 
    ~ "Things The Mirror Sees" Talebones #2, January, 1996 
    ~ "Uncle Gorby and the Baggage Ghost" Fantasy and Science Fiction, March, 1996 
    ~ "Mothers' Day" Realms of Fantasy, February, 1997 
    ~ "In His Pants" Talebones #6, January, 1997 
    ~ "A Dark Fire, Burning From Within" Realms of Fantasy, June, 1997 
    ~ "Smelling of Earth, Dreaming of Sky" Asimov's, September, 1997 
    ~ "Haiku For Friendly Skies" Caffeine Destiny (poetry) June, 1998
    ~ "Going Vampire" Realms of Fantasy, December, 1998


    ~ "Three Sisters Have We In Our House" Winter Tales II: Women on the Art of Aging, Edited by R.A. Rycraft and Leslie What
    ~ "Magic Carpets" in Witches: Wicked, Wild & Wonderful edited by Paula Guran
    ~ "The Emperor's New (and Improved) Clothes" Happily Ever After, edited by John Klima, Night Shade Books
    ~ "Rare Earth" ( with) Felicity Shoulders Is Anybody Out There? edited by Nick Gevers and Marty Halpern, Daw Books 2010
    ~ "Writing Exercises," The Writer's Guide to Fiction, Kalmbach Publishing, Fall 2007
    ~ "Tsuris" Logorrhea, edited by John Klima, Bantam Books, May 2007 
    ~ "Post hoc" Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing, edited by Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss, Small Beer Press, May 2007 
    ~ "Letter to the Editor of the Tamarack Tidings" Talking Back, edited by L. Timmel DuChamp, Aqueduct Press, 2006 
    ~ "Nirvana High" by Eileen Gunn and Leslie What, The James Tiptree Award Anthology 2, 2005     
    ~ "The Mutable Borders of Love" Best New Horror # 16, edited by Stephen Jones, 2005 
    ~ "Nature Mort" Polyphony 5 Wheatland Press, 2005 
    ~ "Why a Duck?" Zeppelin Adventure Stories, Wheatland Press, 2004 
    ~ "How I Got Away" The Mammoth Book of Tales from the Road, Carroll & Graf, 2003 
    ~ "Threesome" Imagination Fully Dilated, Fairwood Press and, 2003 
    ~ "Is That Hard Science, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?" Witpunk: Stories with Attitude, Four Walls Eight Windows, 2003 
    ~ "Blind Date With the Invisible Man" Polyphony 1, Wheatland Press, 2003 
    ~ "All My Children" Women Writing SF as Men, Daw, 2003 
    ~ "Grease and Sex at The King Of Chicken" Journal of Pulse Pounding Narratives #1, 2003 
    ~ "Finger Talk" Mota: Truth, Edited by John Reed, Tripletree Publications, 2003 
    ~ "My Hermit" Mota: Courage, Edited by Karen Joy Fowler, Tripletree Publications, 2004 
    ~ "The Cost of Doing Business" Nebula Awards Showcase, Harcourt Brace, 2001 
    ~ "Going Vampire" Hours of Darkness, Scorpius Digital Publishing, 2001 
    ~ "Those Taunted Lips" Historical Hauntings, DAW, 2001 
    ~ "The Sacred Society" EXTREMES, Lone Wolf Publications, 2000 
    ~ "The WereSlut of Avenue A" Bending The Landscape 3, Overlook Press, May, 2001 
    ~ "Portraits of the Shadows in The Flames" Beyond Lament- Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust, Northwestern University  Press, 1998 
    ~ "Acts of Sacrifice" Health and Healing in the Jewish Tradition-Writings from the Bible to Today, Jewish Publication Society, 1999 
    ~ "Cheese Bake Redux" Serve It Forth, Warner Aspect, 1996 
    ~ "Perils of Cleavage" Body Talk, Hysteria Publications, 1997 
    ~ "Those Who Know" The Fortune Teller, DAW, 1997 
    ~ "Beside The Well" Bending The Landscape 1, Overlook Press, 2004 
    ~ "How To Feed Your Inner Troll" Isaac Asimov's Christmas, Ace Books, 1997 
    ~ "Love, Art, Hell, & The Prom" Prom Night, DAW, 1999 
    ~ "Chain Reaction" The Unmade Bed: 20th Century Erotica, Masquerade, 1998 
    ~ "Santa's Night Out" One Evening A Year, compiled by Stephen Stanley and Daniel Conan Young, WordShop Publishing, 2000 
    ~ "Chain of Command" by Leslie What and Nina Kiriki Hoffman, The Chick's In The Mail, Baen Books, October, 2000 
    ~ "The Happy Homewrecker" 100 Crafty Little Cat Crimes, Barnes and Noble Books, 2000 
    ~ "King For A Day" Bedtime Stories to Darken Your Dreams, IFD Publishing, 1999 
    ~ "Designated Hater" Bedtime Stories to Darken Your Dreams, IFD Publishing, 1999 
    ~ "Beware The Truancy Officer" 365 Scary Stories, Barnes and Noble Books, 1998 
    ~ "Silk Words" Pacifica 96, Winner Lane Literary Guild Fiction Award 
    ~ "How to Mummify Your Used Sanitary Pads" Hysteria, 1994, reprinted in Body Talk, Hysteria Publications, 1997 
    ~ "Letter To The Editor" Buried Treasures, WordShop Publishing, 1996 
    ~ "Those Who Know" The Fortune Teller, edited by Lawrence Schimel and Martin H. Greenberg, DAW Books, 1997 
    ~ "The Emperor's New (and Improved) Clothes" Twice Upon a Time, edited by Denise Little, DAW Books, 1999


    ~ Winter Tales II: Women on the Art of Aging  Serving House Books, May 2012 
    ~ Crazy Love, Wordcraft of Oregon, July 2008
    ~ Olympic Games, Tachyon Publications, 2004 
    ~ The Sweet and Sour Tongue, Wildside, 2002

                                AWARDS AND HONORS

    ~ "Crazy Love" finalist for Oregon Book Award, Ken Kesey Award for fiction, judged by Robert Olmstead
    ~ "Crazy Love" winner in the Short Story category of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards
    ~ "Living Waters" finalist Oregon Quarterly Northwest Perspectives Contest, judged by Craig Lesley 
    ~ "Finger Talk" nominated for a Pushcart Prize 
    ~ "Storytime" finalist Story magazine, Naked Fiction Contest, 1996 
    ~ "Brave Fireman" play winner Second Annual Pregnant Chad New Plays Festival, NY 
    ~ "Brave Fireman" finalist from Writer's Digest Short Short Story Contest, 2000 
    ~ "The Cost of Doing Business" Nebula Award for short fiction, 1999 
    ~ "Why I Wash the Dead" Oregon Writers Colony award for nonfiction, 2000 
    ~ "Silk Words" Lane Literary Guild Fiction award judged by Floyd Skloot, 1996 
    ~ Bending the Landscape anthology awarded Lambda and World Fantasy Award, 1997 
    ~ "Death Penalty" Fountain Award honorable mention, 2003 
    ~ "Nirvana High" (co-authored with Eileen Gunn) nominated for a Nebula Award, 2006 
    ~ Slogan chosen for PDX promotion, 2005 
    ~ Stories have received numerous Honorable Mentions in The Year's Best Science Fiction and The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror

                                BROADCAST AND MISCELLANEOUS

    ~ Radio Commentaries on 89.7 KLCC public radio, 89.7 on "The Northwest Passage" 
    ~ Comedy writer and performer for "Radio Slice" broadcast on KLCC 
    ~ "The Ralph Schifberg Story," script by Leslie What, broadcast on PBS Independent Eye 
    ~ Contributing writer to Eugene Weekly 
    ~ Freelance writer and documentary scriptwriter for book length publications on aging 
    ~ Work-for-hire web site writer for an Internet game promoting a major feature film 
    ~ Ghost edited book of poetry by at-risk youth 
    ~ "Say What" a humor column, "Vital Signs" medical column published in Eugene Weekly 
    ~ Feature articles and essays published in Biblio, Jewish Review, INtown Magazine 
    ~ "Brave Fireman" Play staged by Stormy Weather Players in Cornwall, NY

                                SELECTED ARTICLES ON WRITING

    ~ "New Scientific Evidence Suggests: Writer's Block Is All In Your Head! "SFWA Bulletin, Fall, 2003 
    ~ "Copycats" The SFWA Bulletin, Winter, 2006 
    ~ "Is This the End?" The Writer, March, 2006 
    ~ "Sensei Wonder" Nebula Awards 2004, Penguin Putnam, May, 2004 
    ~ "Transforming Life into Fiction" The Writer, November, 2004 
    ~ "Writing for Theme Anthologies" The Writer, July, 2002 
    ~ "Literary Foreplay" Speculations, April, 1998 
    ~ "The Business of Wonder: Selling Speculative Fiction," The Writer's Handbook 1999-2001 
    ~ "Revising Your Story,"  Speculations, 1998

                                CRITICAL REVIEWS

    ~ "My Funny Holocaust: Humor in Holocaust Narrative," MFA analytical essay, 2005 
    ~ "Literary Translation: The Art of Remaining Invisible," Eugene Weekly
    ~ "Reduced Shakespeare Company," Eugene Weekly
    ~ "Stories From a Broken Heart: A Traveling Jewish Theatre" Eugene Weekly 
    ~ "Boot Camp for Comedians: The Second City" Eugene Weekly 
    ~ "Two Classics of Satirical Speculation: Carmen Dog and The Start and The End of it All, Strange Horizons 
    ~ "Drawn and Quartered - 'Winter Quarters' by Howard Waldrop" NYRSF, June, 2001 January 6, 1994
    ~ "The Genre That Dares Not Say Its Name" Phantom Drift II, Valuable Estrangements

                                WORKSHOPS, CLASSES, LECTURES

    ~ Instructor Oregon Writing Festival 2013
    ~ WILCS Writer-in-Schools, winter 2010
    ~ "It Wasn't Funny at the Time: A Class on Finding Humor When and Where You Least Expect It" SOCC, February 14, 2009
    ~ "Writing Flash Fiction," UCLA Extension Writers' Program, Winter, 2009, Spring 2010, Winter 2011 
    ~ "Introduction to Fiction Writing," UCLA Extension Writers' Program, Summer, 2007, Winter, 2008 
    ~ "Writing the Slipstream Story," UCLA Extension Writers' Program, Winter 2007 and Summer 2011
    ~ "What's so Bad About Feeling Good?" Writers on the Edge, Newport, Oregon September, 2006 
    ~ Expository Writing: "Maladies and Marvels," Pacific University, Spring Term, 2006 
    ~ Writer-in-Residence, MSU, Clarion 2005, July 11- 22, 2005 
    ~ Presenter, Reading in the Rain, Eugene, with Cai Emmons and Ursula K. Le Guin, 2004 
    ~ "The Physics of Comedy," Oregon Writers Colony, 2004 
    ~ Workshop Leader, Alpha Teen Writers, Pittsburg, July, 2004 
    ~ Freelance Writing Instructor, LCC Adult Education, September, 2002-2004 
    ~ Presenter, Willamette Writers Conference, 2003- 2004 
    ~ Panelist & Presenter, Baltimore Writers Conference, November, 2002 
    ~ Workshop Leader, Oregon Writers Colony Fall Workshop, 1999 
    ~ Presenter, South Coast Writer's Conference, 2001, 2003 
    ~ Presenter, Willamette Writers "Turning Life into Narrative" January, 2002 
    ~ Presenter, Write on the Sound Conference, Everett Washington, Fall, 2001 
    ~ Workshop Leader, Tacoma Writers Conference, May, 2002 
    ~ Writer-in-Residence, MSU, Clarion, June, 2002 
    ~ Writing Teacher for Young Writers Association, 1999-2001 
    ~ Panelist Lane Regional Arts Conference, "Arts and Communities," 2001 
    ~ Panelist & Presenter, PNWA conference, 1999-2001

                                SELECTED PUBLIC READINGS

    ~ Writers at the Edge, Newport Oregon   
    ~ First Wednesday at Blackbird Wine&Atomic Cheese, Portland Oregon    
    ~ Multnomah Public Library, Portland, Oregon
    ~ Wordstock, Portland, Oregon
    ~ Annie Blooms, Portland, Oregon
    ~ Pacific University with Joe Millar
    ~ University of Washington Bookstore, Seattle
    ~ Barnes and Noble, Eugene 
    ~ Barnes and Noble, East Lansing
    ~ The Curious Book Shop, East Lansing 
    ~ Oregon Union Hotel in Union, Oregon with Molly Gloss, Kelly Link, Bette Husted
    ~ Windfall Reading Series, Eugene
    ~ Avid Reader, Davis, California
    ~ Borderlands Books, San Francisco
    ~ Barnes and Noble, Pittsburgh 
    ~ Powell's Books, Beaverton 
    ~ Shelton McMurphy House, Eugene

                                NOT TO MENTION...

    ~ Fiction Editor Phantom Drift: New Fabulism Issues 1 and 2, 2011, 2012
    ~ Nonfiction Co-Editor Winter Tales II: Women and the Art of Aging, Serving House Books 2012
    ~ Fiction Co-Editor Phantom Drift: New Fabulism Issue 3 2013
    ~ MFA in Fiction Pacific University, 2006 
    ~ Senior Nonfiction Editor Silk Road, a literary review, 2006-2008 
    ~ Secretary Board of Directors, The Clarion Foundation, The Clarion Workshop UCSD, 2005-2010 
    ~ Board of Directors Young Writers Association, 2001-2003

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