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08 June 2009
Fan Resources

The Sholan Alliance Fan Club

The club is free to join! Want to learn more?
Check out our forum at http://thebrotherhoodofvartra.yuku.com/

We have a Chat Room there and Chat is usually held on Wednesdays at around 9 pm EST. See the forum for details, though, as times do change.

What do you get from joining the Brotherhood? Well, access to behind the scenes information, like the plans for Stronghold and some of the other buildings I designed for the series. It's also hoped I will be able to put up the deck plans and exteriors for my starships, and for places like the Prime Palace, if there is a demand for them. You also get short tidbit previews of scenes from the upcoming novel ahead of anyone else.

Conventions I'll be visiting

Comic-Con in San Diego on July 23-26th

Condor 2010 in San Diego on February 26-28, 2010

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