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08 June 2009

Dateline: Summer 2009

Much has happened since this was last updated. For a start, I moved to the West Coast USA for reasons that include my health - I couldn't cope with the damp and cold any longer - and the fact my books are published here.

It has taken longer than I thought to get resettled, thus the delay in finishing the 7th novel, Shades of Gray. Now, however, things seem to be coming together as I embark on a course to get a new career as my day job, and to start the 9th, and probably last Sholan Alliance novel. Don't worry, though, I will continue to write within the Sholan Alliance, and Sholans will always be around.

Shades of Gray is finished and with my Editor at DAW Books. They have been inundated with writers old and new and lots of quality books - good news for them, and for us as readers, but it means Shades will likely not be out until 2010. Note this is only a very vague estimate of release time.

This year I attended the ConDor convention in San Diego, and have again been invited to attend next year's event on February 26-28, 2010.

Comic-Con 2009 July 23rd to 26th in San Diego. I am attending this convention as a Pro Writer, so if you are attending, you will find me there. Please note that it is now saying it is Sold Out, so check their web site if you are hoping to attend.

Fan Club.
You'll find the fan club forum at http://thebrotherhoodofvartra.yuku.com/ It is free to join.

Personal news.
The site is getting an update and a bit of a face lift all over. We hope you like it. We hope to put in a page that I can update as and when I need to, not exactly a blog, but similar.

Domino, my dog, is still going strong. She sports a puppy cut now, though it is more of a hack job by me than a cut, poor girl. She doesn't like the heat here, I'm afraid, whereas I am definitely solar powered.
I have 2 new cats, Bast, a silver gray little Queen, and Ramesses, a huge ginger Tom with pale gold swirls all over him, and a scarab beetle shape on his head, thus his name.
Both are rescued kitties, Bast at 7 months from an animal shelter house a couple of years ago, and Ramesses as a 6 weeks old tiny kitten with huge kangaroo like back legs, last June from a lady who found his pregnant semi feral mother and kept her in her garage till the kittens were born. She took the Calico mother and her other kitten, a very shy pale beige Queen, to a vet to find homes for them.

Book excerpts as usual are here http://www.sff.net/people/Lisanne/excerpt.html


 You can buy my books in ebook format from the following sites among others.


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