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A Note to the Reader About THE EYES OF GOD

August 14, 2004

I regret to say that I am no longer able to offer for sale my author copies of my science fiction novel, THE EYES OF GOD. Thank you to all the fans who contacted me to request copies and said such kind things about PALACE. I appreciate your support very much. However, my supply of author copies has been exhausted.

Unfortunately, because the book is out of print (and had a relatively small print run) used copies are hard to find and expensive. I'm sorry for this and hope that fans of the Pinch series will be able to locate reading copies in libraries or secondhand stores. If you can afford it, used copies are available through Amazon.

Perhaps, someday, the series will be reissued.

I had two more books planned for the Pinch series (THE WAY OF JAPAT and UPON WINGS OF FIRE) and I am still mulling over what to do about them. I also have a wealth of background information that I developed on the Pinch (this is in addition to the great amount of material that Katharine Kerr had already created before we began our collaboration on the first novel, PALACE). Also, there were a few scenes that had to be cut from THE EYES OF GOD for various reasons (e.g., a swamp hunt with Wan and Vida that gave a more comprehensive understanding of the lives of the wild saccules). As time permits, I expect to upload some of this material for the entertainment of those who have enjoyed the series and may be curious to know more about the characters and settings of the Pinch series.

As for other projects, I am currently at work on a fantasy trilogy based on notes that go back many years. I'm excited by this project and, of course, will note here when/if the books are ever sold.

Thank you again for visiting my home page and caring about my work.

Best, Mark Kreighbaum