Robert Weinberg

A CALCULATED MAGIC (Ace Books, 1995) - the sequel to A LOGICAL MAGICIAN. Jack Collins, the Logical Magician, must battle the evil Old Man of the Mountain in the most fabled realm of all, Las Vegas. Featuring two talking ravens who are unlike any other birds you might have ever encountered.
A Logical Magician A LOGICAL MAGICIAN (Ace Books, 1994) and published as A MODERN MAGICIAN (Raven Books, London) - Bob's first humorous fantasy adventure novel. A young man in Chicago discovers that creatures of mythology and fable actually exist. Over the centuries, they've blended into the urban landscape. But now, an ancient demon god has been released and the whole world will suffer - unless Jack Collins can figure out why Merlin named him. "The Logical Magician." Andre Norton said, "A very amusing and clever story. A book I would not hesistate to recommend." And fantasy grandmaster, L. Sprague de Camp remarked, "Alternately suspenseful and hilarious. The most satisfying fantasy I have read in a long time."
THE DEAD MAN'S KISS (Pocket Books, 1992) - a militant group of right-wing fanatics bring back to life an ancient Egyptian sorcerer, hoping to use his magic to further their insane dreams. But the magician has plans of his own.
THE BLACK LODGE (Pocket Books, 1991) - Psychic detective, Sidney Taine, investigates the diabolical Dark Man, who is killing drug dealers in Chicago by chopping them to pieces. Behind the Dark Man is a secret organization, the Black Lodge, that wields unbelievable power in the Windy City. Writing about THE BLACK LODGE, best-selling horror author, Doug Clegg said, "Scary, witty, suspenseful and fascinating. THE BLACK LODGE is both a detective novel set on the seamy streets of Chicago and a roller coaster ride of horror and mystery. One of the top dark fantasies of the year."
THE ARMAGEDDON BOX (Leisure Books, 1991) - the sequel to THE DEVIL'S AUCTION. Alex Warner and Valerie Lancaster try to discover the truth about a fabled box that contains power beyond imagining, while battling a secret religious cult, Neo-Nazis, and a race of monstrous vampires from another dimension.
THE DEVIL'S AUCTION (Leisure Books, 1990) - Bob's first novel, this is a supernatural thriller, in which Alex Warner tries to learn the secret of a mysterious auction, with immortality as its ultimate prize. Joe R. Lansdale said, "I haven't had this much fun since I beat my pet hamster to death with a chair leg! Fresh as a spring daisy, but mean and nasty as a rattlesnake bite!"

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