Robert Weinberg

THE LOUIS L'AMOUR COMPANION (Andrews & McMeel, 1993; Bantam, 1994) - Because he's a huge fan of westerns and the author of a best-selling book about Louis L'Amour, Bob's friends think of him as Cowboy Bob. Taking the liberty of quoting one of his closest friends, Nancy Ford: "...there's this cowboy thing. Now Bob does love western stories. He loves western movies. He likes western clothes (and is one of the few people I know who can actually wear a Stetson without looking like a damn fool!). He loves the wide open spaces. Well, actually, he sort of tolerates them, while secretly hoping that someone will put in air conditioning and get rid of all the bugs. His relationship with horses barely rises above mutual distrust and suspicion. As to gunslinging, as far I know he's never had a loaded weapon in his hands, which has saved us from many costly trips to the ER."

THE LOUIS L'AMOUR COMPANION sold 25,000 copies in trade paperbound format, more than 100,000 copies in paperback, and is now in its 6th printing.

Bob has also published many other nonfiction books.

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