Robert Weinberg

bob1.JPG (27299 bytes) Are you in heat for Seven-of-Nine?

Do you wonder how the Enterprise computers really handle space wars?

Do you wonder if we have holodecks in our future?

Is it possible to run computers with isolinear optical chips? Just what are those things anyway?

And what about Data: have you always dreamed of taking him apart to see what makes him tick?

Well, now all your dreams can come true. This is as good as it gets. With my coauthor, Lois H. Gresh, I'm putting the finishing touches on THE COMPUTERS OF STAR TREK (publisher: Basic Books). Hardcover release, March 1999. This month, THE COMPUTERS OF STAR TREK sold foreign rights to Britain and Italy.

We'll put up a book cover as soon as we have it; perhaps this week.

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