Robert Weinberg

No cover art yet. Stayed tuned. WAR IN HEAVEN (White Wolf Books, 1998) - Third novel in THE HORIZON WAR trilogy - A desperate war rages in the Horizon Realms, the mystic dimensions that surround Earth. The mages of both the Technocracy and the Nine Traditions are under attack by a mysterious willworker who calls himself Heylel Teomin, the Ascension Warrior. His challege: "Join me or be destroyed!" Already, two Horizon Realms have been obliterated and now others are under attack.

Only a small band of unlikely allies stand against the Ascension Warrior. If they fail, mankind is doomed. For though Teomin promises a new dawn, his triumph means an eternity of endless night!

Ascension Warrior THE ASCENSION WARRIOR (White Wolf Books, 1997) - Second novel in THE HORIZON WAR trilogy - For five hundred hears the Ascension War has raged between the mages of the Nine Traditions and the technicians of the Technocracy. Though battles have been won and lost, victory eludes both sides. Now, a figure has rise with ties to the Traditions and the Technocracy. He is a being of incredible inhuman power - The Ascension Warrior. He brings a message of Unity and Peace. But is it the peace of the grave?
The Road to Hell THE ROAD TO HELL (White Wolf Books, 1996) - In the first novel of THE HORIZON WAR trilogy, a man known only as Prisoner Seventeen holds the secret to the most dangerous scheme ever attempted by the Technocracy. Working together, Iteration X and the Progenitors are creating a being with powers so great he will be able to destroy the Nine Traditions. However, nothing is as it seems in this complex novel of betrayal and surprise.
The UnBeholden THE UNBEHOLDEN (White Wolf Books, 1996)- the third and final novel in the Masquerade of the Red Death trilogy - The Red Death is about to seize control of the World of Darkness. And, if he does, it will release a horror out of space and time on an unsuspecting world. Only Dire McCann can stop the Red Death. Now is the time of the Unbeholden. A battle rages from the desert of Israel, to the sewers of Paris, to a tomb beneath the streets of Vienna as Dire McCann and the Red Death engage in a fight from which only one can emerge victorious.
Unholy Allies UNHOLY ALLIES (White Wolf Books, 1995) - the second novel in the Masquerade of the Red Death trilogy - Dire McCann and Alicia Varney are the only two people on Earth who can stop the sinister vampire known as the Red Death from gaining complete control over the Camarilla and the Sabbat. But not even McCann is aware of the terrible forces that stand behind the diabolical plot of the Red Death and his Unholy Allies.
Blood War BLOOD WAR (White Wolf Books, 1995) - the first novel in the Masquerade of the Red Death trilogy, based on the Vampire storytelling game from White Wolf. Complex intrigue in a World of Darkness, where an ancient race of vampires, the Kindred, have manipulated mankind for the past ten thousand years.
Vampire Diary VAMPIRE DIARY: THE EMBRACE (White Wolf Books, 1995) - Diary style book, done in handwritten format with many illustrations. Based on the original concepts for what later became THE KINDRED television show. Written in collaboration with Mark Rein*Hagen, the co-publisher of White Wolf Publishers and creator of Vampire: The Masquerade. This novel was recently reprinted in the White Wolf trade paperbound book THE ESSENTIAL WORLD OF DARKNESS.

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