The Chair Remains The Same
Three shots of our newly acquired kitten, Jasper, atop said chair and each of the other mammals in the household. (I should note that we now suspect Jasper of being Jasperina, or Jaspernia, or some such. In short, we think he's a girl. My theory is that cats are allowed to change their minds in re what gender they are up until about age two months.) The shot with Eleanore started out as color, but the film got exposed to light, turning the whole image fire-engine red. Converting the scan into black-and-white seemed the best way to rescue it. As you can see from the third photo, Jasper has grown a bit since the first two shots were taken. When we rescued him/her, s/he was about four weeks old and weighed in at a whopping 15 ounces, including fleas. (The fleas are no longe with us, more or less.) I might add that, even as I type this, Jasper(ina) is sitting on my lap, and is Darned Interested in the mouse pointer. (S/he keeps trying to catch it.)

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