• Staroamer's Fate and Syron's Fate now published.  Available at Amazon.com (link to right).

  • "Ulenge Prime" to appear in Analog.


Staroamer's Fate cover (click for larger version)

Staroamer's Fate, Warner/Questar Books, January 1986

Staroamer's Fate -- Ebiid Edition

Staroamer's Fate (reprint), Embiid E-Books, 2003
Fantastic Books Edition, June 2013
Available at amazon.com

Syron's Fate cover

Syron's Fate (sequel to Staroamer's Fate), Embiid E-Books, August 2003
Fantastic Books Edition, June 2013.  
Available at amazon.com

Short Stories


  • "Saving Hitler" Space and Time Magazine, Winter 2009

  • "Spare Change," Realms of Fantasy, February 2007

  • "Sundials," Aboriginal SF, Fall 1999.  Honorable Mention, "Year's Best Science Fiction," Vol 17, Gardiner Dozois, editor. 

  • "Fionna," Absolute Magnitude, Summer 1999.

  • "The Gingerbread House," Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Spring 1999. Second place winner, Cauldron Award competition for that issue.

  • "Punishment," Pulp Eternity, Issue 1 "Time . . . A Retrospective"

  • "Sold," Voices, Spring 1998. (This is a journal of writings by the faculty and staff at Siena College, where I work.)

vbtech.gif (31020 bytes)

"The Collector," VB Tech Magazine, June 1996. My first cover story. 

  • "Revisions," Aboriginal SF, Spring 1996.

  • "Pest Control," Realms of Fantasy, October 1994.

  • "Robots," Galaxy, Sept/Oct 1994.

  • "Olympus Bar and Grill," Galaxy, July/Aug 1994.

  • "Nothing Changes," Galaxy, Mar/April 1994.

  • "The Passing of the Beacon Star," Tomorrow Speculative Fiction, April 1994.

  • "Perfectly Preserved," Galaxy Jan/Feb 1994.

  • "1-800-CALL-GOD," Alternate Hilarities, January 1994. Nominee for the Fredric Brown Award for best short Humorous SF of the year.

  • "Screams Are Not Enough," Aboriginal SF, Fall 1993.

  • "The Dream Master," After Hours, Spring 1993.

  • "Natural High," Aboriginal SF, Spring 1993. Winner of the Boomerang Award for the best short story published in the magazine in 1993.  Available in Hebrew

  • "First Draft," Tales of the Unanticipated, Winter 1993.

  • "C+," Sci-Fi Channel Magazine, January 1993.

  • "Something on His Mind," Aboriginal SF, Sept-Dec 1991. 

  • "The Willow," Tales of the Unanticipated, Winter 1991.

  • "Imaginary Space," Science Fiction Review, Fall 1990.

  • "Playmates," Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 1986. 

  • "The Icewolf Rider," Oracle, Winter 1985.

  • "The Munij Deserters," Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, June 1982.


Print Anthologies

Triangulation: Parch
  • "Just a Phase," Anthology, Brian Youmans, ed. -- Genericon Press (convention book), February 1987.

  • "The Transformation," Tomorrow's Voices, Editors of Asimov's SF Magazine, eds. -- Dial Press, March 1984.



  • Review: Man vs. Machine, New York Review of Science Fiction.

  • Reviews: Tangent, 1997-present

  • Profile: Chuck Rothman, Tangent, Fall 1996

  • Filler: "Tooth or Consequences," Reader's Digest, February 1995

  • Review: "Return to Ringworld," Science Fiction Age, November 1994

  • Article: "Poetry at Noreascon III," Star*Line, Sept/Dec 1989


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