An AlbaCon 98 Photofest

Photos by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee

Photo of The Hamster Queen

AlbaCon 98 Guest of Honor Esther Friesner and friend at Saturday Night Extravaganza

AlbaCon 98, held as one might expect in Schenectady, was a fun convention with some great panels and program items, as well as a lots of nice art. We remembered that the camera had a new battery in it about halfway through the con, so the photos here are basically from Saturday afternoon and evening, with a sprinkling from Sunday.

Beatrice at the cake!
Part of the festivities included a special birthday celebration for Esther's mother Beatrice

There were't a lot of costumes at AlbaCon's MiniMasquerade, but there were some good ones. We had to rush back to the room for more film in the midst, alas, but caught these shots:

Deb Wunder in costume
SFWA member Deb Wunder as Eleanor of Aquitine

Kaite Ryan as the "littlest Ewok" with her father Bill Ryan

An elfen princess awaits the awards ceremony for the MiniMasquerade -- at the soundboard.

Among the entertainments of the evening: an original play by the Guest of Honor. "The Shame of Maudie Jones, or A Fate Worse Than Death" was played with relish and abandon, and occassionally abandoned script, by an all-star cast. Maudie Jones faces Farquahar!

Left to right: Laura Ann Gilman, Fan Guest of Honor Joe Mayhew, and James D. Macdonald share the stage

Below, the play's Romantic Lead Keith R.A. DeCandido with "Maudie" script in hand

SFWA Secretary Michael Burstein bowing to the Hamster Queen
Mr. Secretary

A crowd including Fingers, Andre, and Jennifer Dunne rush the birthday cake  crowd shot

Art Guest of Honor Jael
Artist Guest of Honor Jael, on the right, relaxes with husband Greg

Earlier, a panel on "Science Fiction gets no respect" was moderated by SFWA President Robert J. Sawyer (left, getting the panel under way) and included Liaden Universe co-author and unsung photographer Steve Miller (right)
panel start

Editor, poet and fictioneer Terry Mcgarry

Novelist Lois Gresh

photo of Steve Miller
Here I'm using my cheat-sheet to answer a question from the audience

Here our new friend Rose and Liaden Universe co-author and
sometime photographer Sharon Lee show off their pink "Plan B Is Now In Effect" buttons outside the artshow
a Liaden author and fan

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