The Don't Quit Your Day Job Players Live in Schenectady

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Photos and commentary by Steve Miller

If you were at AlbaCon 98 and missed this band, I'm sorry. They were sharp and they were good. I couldn't get a good angle on all the band members, but if you look carefully you'll probably see all of them...we'll show them from left to right from the audience's viewpoint.

Not just any guitarist...Dr. Steven L. Rosenhaus plays what looks to me to be an electric Ovation in this selection
Percussionist Keith R.A. DeCandido keeps an eye on the bass player while he bangs on the bongos
Keith was tucked in the back much of the evening on the cramped stage

Alexandra Honigsberg goes electric -- is this the fiddle or the Viola?

David Honigsberg communes with the strings here while watching the fretwork
Alas, this was about the best shot of the drummer, too...

Rik Cleary on bass, with the requisite dark glasses. I don't remember him using the flashie thingie.

A few more random shots...

Every band needs an audience -- and Larry Conley was just one of the people who happily stayed through both sets of the great show the "Players" put on at AlbaCon 98.

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