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I hear that book a comin', it's rolling off the press. Coming soon! Tell your friends!  Watch the skies!

King's Quest:
See No Weevil

(Boulevard, September 1996)

The last book in the King's Quest series tells the story of what happens when young Princess Rosella takes over the kingdom. Wandering magicians, leaping lizards, and magical bugs may eat Daventry before the King and Queen return.

Night Terrors

(Pocket Books, January 1997

Kathleen "Harley" Davisidaro never thought much about her father's work. Then her father was kidnapped, and Harley found herself involved in a government conspiracy that may be far older than the government itself.

Dark Fears

(Pocket Books, January 1997)

Noah Templer trusts only Harley Davisidaro with the secret of his prophetic nightmares. Then a new "friend" appears and Noah learns that there are things a lot more frightening than dreams.

Devil's Engine

(Del Rey Books,
March 1997)

Head back to Medicine Rock and the world of Devil's Tower. This time, Jake runs afoul of a notorious railroad baron. Along for the ride are Bill Cody, the crew from the previous book, and a whole new set of scribblers, changers, and just plain folks.

News from
the Edge:
The Monster of Minnessota

(Berkley, July 1997)

Journalist Savannah Skye always wanted a world-renowned column. Now she has one -- in the world's least respected paper. Most of her stories are pure hokum, but when Savvy investigates the reports of a strange monster in a small lake, there may more than rumors involved. This is the first in a new mystery series.

News from
the Edge:
Insanity, Illinois

(Berkley, 1997)

Savvy's back, this time to investigate a series of wild events in a tiny midwestern town. The strangest riot in history might just turn out to be a coverup for a cold blooded killing.

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