I have a new website as of late 2012. The Nine Winds, at terrymcgarry.com, has updated b(ibl)iographical info, exclusive fiction, an active blog, and all kinds of new content, with most of the content here gradually making its way over there as well.

[Visions, Eidolons, and Chimeras]

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Each of us lives in a continual cyberspace. Every memory, every conception of the world, every experiential moment, is a virtual reality. "Real" reality, in progress, is unexamined--experienced on a direct level that can be analyzed only once it becomes a memory. Analyzing reality as you live it bounces you out of it as effectively as a "dear reader" aside bounces you out of a fictional narrative. Fiction compresses experiential cyberspace back into a mockup of realtime--including periodic trips to the lighthouse. But ultimately you're in the most intense virtual environment of all: your own head. Join the saints and poets. You're in good company.

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Welcome to Terry McGarry's personal page. Be wary of the animals.

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The stories thus far
A bibliography, with reviews and excerpts.
Poetic interlude
Some award-winning poems.
The stories continue
A list of upcoming works.
Works-in-progress is no more, but is still...
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Some stories you can read online.

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Otherwheres A due-for-overhaul list of places where I hang out online.

The Transdimensional Duct Extensive, out-of-date links.

The Galleries Pictures from all kinds of sources.

The Scrapbook Clippings and oddball stuff.

ReVisions The guestbook...please sign!...was overrun by spam! Please comment anywhere on the new blog to say hi.

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[Send email]Thanks for extending your experiential space here; you're sentient but not necessarily unique being number 80,361 + 3552 to have done so since time immemorial.

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