The Balance

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The world's greatest wizard, Liir, having reached the pinnacle of his learning, decided one day to view the ultimate mystery.

Having cast a trinity of mighty spells that whisked him out of his earthly body and his present state of existence, he -- or at that point, to be precise, the entity -- found him/her/itself in a space and time continuum unlike any that human words can describe. Amidst the pulsing vibrant energy of a cosmic nebula that was the universe, Liir saw the Male Principle and the Female Principle, both represented to him in their respective human shapes, locked in a great eternal embrace/struggle. Liir perceived this struggle with an awe that only the wise of the highest degree can experience. What a marvel, what a sublime paradox, the entity mused, that the universal balance hinges upon this eternal strife! Neither of the Two shall ever give way before the other, or else all crumbles in an abysmal apocalypse! What an inconceivable thought! And yet, Liir thought, how perfect is the universe -- for these two great Principles are absolutely equal in strength, and nothing shall ever come to outweigh the balance of One in favor of the Other.

In that cosmic instant, the Man, noticing all of a sudden that They were being observed, paused in his divine Struggle, and turned His radiant god-visage to the entity.

Liir thought he distinctly heard these words:

"What's this? Who are you, mortal?"

It was at that point that the Woman, having found the way clear before Her mighty fist, knocked the Man out with one perfectly aimed divine blow.

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Copyright © 1990 Vera Nazarian

From Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 9, Special Short-Short Issue, Summer 1990 MZBFM logo

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