Caelqua's Spring

by Vera Nazarian

(an excerpt)

The desert spring drew the threads of her subterranean waters to her, picked herself up from the sands, and became a woman.

It had been a long time.

Her name was Caelqua. Rather, it was hers once, a human name.

The woman stood considering, while water-memories surged into her mind, and time flickered in eddies of cool liquidity.

She had once been a young girl with persimmon hair, a garish flame. And now there was only the sand ocean in her tresses, skin taut with wind, and colorless eyes.

She was a husk. As though she didn't exist.... And yet, she was something more.

Caelqua walked slowly through the scalding sands, while the sky poured the anger of the sun upon her unprotected flesh. There was no sensation at the soles of her feet, and she felt no thirst.

She knew there was something she had to do.

But first, she had to find it.

* * *



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