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Waldrop is over the Web like dust on a dodo. He's doing okay for a guy without a modem. Or even a computer. Or even a telephone, for Pete's sake.

Here's a real random guide to Howard and stuff about him on the Web. If I've missed some links, go ahead, send me the URLs. Just don't expect prompt service.

Special thanks to Jed Hartman for collecting some of these links, and for editing the Special Waldrop Issue of Strange Horizons.

Read Howard's Work Online


The Ugly Chickens on Ellen Datlow's SciFiction at SciFi.Com.

Winter Quarters on SciFiction.

Mr. Goober's Show on Event Horizon, also edited by Ellen Datlow.

US on Event Horizon.


Crimea River - Electric Story publishes Howard's periodic column, earlier seen in the Australian magazine Eidolon. Its periodicity is known to some, but not to me. Che'ekidaou'ut.

Fishing as It Really Is - You've read about Howard's skill with hook and rod. Now go fishing with him. (From back when Eileen was managing editor at GORP.)

Read about Howard Waldrop

Three Ways of Looking at Howard Waldrop, and then some, by Jed Hartman. Introductory essay to a special issue of Strange Horizons, featuring Howard and his work.

George Martin's Introduction to Howard Who? - From Strange Horizons.

Gardner Dozois's Introduction to All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past- From Strange Horizons.

Eileen Gunn's Alternate Waldrops, with photo collages by Leslie What - From Strange Horizons.

Howard Waldrop, Mississipi Writer. From the Mississippi Writers and Musicians Project at Starkville High School. An excellent resource, and a nice essay on Howard by then-student Bjorn Lunden.

Review of 'O Brother Where Art Thou' by Kim Newman. - Interesting review by Britsh SF writer and critic Kim Newman points out that the Coen Brothers were not the first to juxtapose Greek myth and the Deep South. Nor was Howard, of course. Eudora Welty -- name ring a bell?

Buy Howard's Books

From Subterranean Press
The Search for Tom Purdue. Is it finished yet, Howard?

From Electric Story: an eBook
Dream Factories and Radio Pictures

From the Adventures in Crime and Space Bookstore
Willie Siros, the Cardinal Richelieu of Texas science fiction, always has some Waldrop books, new and out-of-print. Go to Adventures in Crime and Space.

From Mark Ziesing, Bookseller
Mark is also a great resource for Waldropiana. Go to Ziesing Books.

From Amazon
Amazon's Waldrop list
There's something peculiar about the way Amazon views Howard's work....

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