dodo headHoward Waldrop: A Bibliography

Looking for Waldrop's work? You can find it if you're tenacious. And if you've found your way to his website, chances are you're persistent, at least. Start with his official bibliography, which is right here on this site, and only a few years out of date. (If we had a Webmaster, we might update it. If you have a secret yearning to be Howard Waldrop's webmaster, drop me a line.)

Short Stories

Okay -- we'll assume you've checked out the bibliography and you want books. Much of Howard's published work is out of print. In used bookstores, look for Night of the Cooters and Strange Things In Close Up. For new copies of Them Bones and A Dozen Tough Jobs, go to Adventures in Crime and Space.

How can it be that the work of a Living National Treasure like Howard Waldrop isn't all over the place? That's a long story, but you don't have time to listen to it now.

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