Writing Diary - 4


tracking Jan 2003 - Dec 2003

Date Accomplishments
11-Jan-2003 Finally achieved guidelines for anthology noted previous month.  Started blocking out scenes in story.  
03-Feb-2003 Came up with two scenes for the story, and sent them off to a friend for feedback.  In the meantime, I decided they needed to be late in the story, not at the beginning.
05-Feb-2003 Decided on changes I wanted to make in layout of story, as well as background, and settled down to write on it.  Took one of two originally-plotted scenes and made it third in story, and wrote two new ones to lead up to it.  Total word count so far, about 800 words.  Somewhere in here, ex-employer contacted me, and have started to work for them for the next couple of months.  This will take a lot of time, but is a welcome intrusion.
12-Feb-2003 Started revisions of an older story, "Nobodies", converting it to 1st person and doing rewrite based on old workshop critiques.  Target market is anthology.  Looming deadline.
13-Feb-2003 Completed initial redraft of "Nobodies" and emailed it off to friend for initial once-over.  Hoping to get feedback right away so I can revise, revise, revise. 
Also, found out today that New Faces of Science Fiction has been retitled New Voices of Science Fiction, and it's scheduled for December 2003.
15-Feb-2003 Started back on humorous fantasy story.  No wordage gain, but cleared up some items that made the tone veer toward the intended humorous slant and away from seriousness.
17-Feb-2003 Worked on revisions to the Gorgon story, including completely redoing the final scene, as well as a confrontation between MC and another.  No net wordage change; the story is still at 3700 words.
18-Feb-2003 Made changes to "Nobodies" based on feedback from my friend, then, in a fit of angst, shipped it off to the editor.  3900 words.
19-Feb-2003 Finally decided to put up an image of the cover of Women Writing Science Fiction as Men on the website.  Click here to see it.
21-Feb-2003 Revisions on a deadline.  Fun?  Not.
24-Feb-2003 Been working on revisions to "Nobodies" based on editorial comments off and on the last few days.  Finished it up, sent it off, sometime about 7 PM my time.  Did a trim job on it as well; it's now at 3600 words.
05-Mar-2003 Worked on new fantasy story.  Chopped one whole scene, wrote a whole new one in its place.  Net wordage gain, probably 100. 
08-Mar-2003 Additional work on fantasy tale.  Refined existing scenes, chopped about half of scene added a few days ago, developed most of next full scene.  Net wordage gain:  About 500.
Somewhere in the last week, I managed to get a scanned cover of Alternate Tyrants to add to the covers page.  Don't ask me when; with my current work schedule I'm lucky I remember to sleep.
13-Mar-2003 Over the last several days, I've reviewed this story in process, trying to figure out what is going on with it.  I finally figured out that I had a plot element that should have been step 5 set up as step 2.  I'm in the process of redrafting from the first scene.
In the meantime, I completed writing up critiques for four different works in two different workshops.
21-Mar-2003 Reconstruction and new production on story continues.  I'm feeling comfortable with it.  Deleted about 800 words so far, but have written about 1000 new words in place, so I'm pleased with the progress.
24-Mar-2003 Continued work on short story.  Wrote 2 scenes; wordage abounds.
25-Mar-2003 Completed first draft of short story and printed it.  Total wordage at this point, 4100, even though I probably wrote in the neighborhood of 10,000.  All that deleting going on.
26-Mar-2003 Reviewed and redlined story, then went and edited manuscript.  Converted to another word processor.  Emailed copies off to workshop group, except one person is getting snail mail copy.  Still at 4100 words, as edits/changes pretty much canceled each other out.
27-Mar-2003 Installed a new word processor at some point in the wee hours, and set about converting chapters of the fantasy novel to format read by this.  Also converted the style sheet for the fantasy.  At this point, the book needs some major rethinking, but it is salvageable.
28-Mar-2003 Began work on separate file of world building for the fantasy world.  I intend for this document to include summaries of history, culture, and other things I need to have consistent for this world to work.  Also, breaking in the new werp.
29-Mar-2003 Well into the history file.  The more I add, the more I find I need to tweak.  I'm discovering things about this world that can add greatly to the book, yes.  This has to do with the healers and their ties to the land itself.
30-Mar-2003 More world building, but I'm not done.  Today's information included general outlines of some religious structures (overview), brief on marriage customs, and some basics on the judicial system at the time the story opens.  I also finally named my MC's siblings, and gave them some characteristics. 
06-Apr-2003 Spent time revising the recent fantasy short story, reviewing my changes, and then printing it out.  Got it ready for mailing on Monday.  This makes 3 pieces out with editors.  It isn't many, but it's the most I've ever had out at any given time.
08-Apr-2003 Foo.  One story rejected, but it's off on its way to another market.  In the meantime, I pulled out "Brine" and read through it, and rewrote one key section that I felt was done in too trite a manner before.  Then saved it.
19-Apr-2003 Made a slight modification to another story, changing a couple of words for better ones, then prepped it to mail off to market.
21-Apr-2003 Outlined plot for a new story, very roughly, about two pages of notes.  Am not satisfied with the ending.
22-Apr-2003 Started sorting out files for bibliography I will be updating.  Will probably work on this document several hours per week, depending on material available. 
26-Apr-2003 Having trouble sleeping.  Went and completely rewrote a short short from previous year into something just over twice as long.  Length:  1000 words, all new.
18-Jul-2003 Haven't written much in a couple of months, as I've been too caught up in the worries about lack of a job.  However, a few things have happened.  End of May, I attended a local convention, BayCon, and saw copies of Women Writing Science Fiction as Men in the physical paper form.  "Maxwell's Law" has now seen the light of day.
I've since acquired two copies--one I bought, and one contributor's copy.  Also attended this year's Westercon in Seattle, since I won't be attending TorCon3 (this year's Worldcon) in Toronto.
And just this week I started a new job, which is part time, but pays well enough hourly that it should cover my existing expenses with maybe a penny or two to spare.  If the job works out, then the downward slide into poverty has stopped, and I'll be in a "holding position" for the time being.
And maybe I'll feel like writing again.   
02-Nov-2003 Still remiss in the writing department, but have started working again.  With help from a few friends, I've resolved some of the problems I was having with the fantasy novel, and have started to plot out a new short science fiction story, involving dogs and recombinant DNA. 

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