Writing Diary - 5


tracking Jan 2004 - ??? 2005

Date Accomplishments
4-Jun-2004 Bad Adrienne; no bisquit.  I haven't even done any REVISIONS for over a year.  Maybe I can shame myself into writing again.
8-Jun-2004 Ran two stories through the distance filters; one got cut from 1700 to 1400 words; the other was tightened a tad, but is still a long tale (5900).  Printed out the revised MSS and prepped for mailing.
Jan-Feb-2005 Sometime during this period I received galleys for the story that sold to the I, Alien anthology.  Sent in corrections via email prior to deadline, one of 3 methods mentioned.  Figured with only two corrections, this would be easiest.
6-Apr-2005 Managed to buy copy of I, Alien at local Borders.  Checked and found galley corrections emailed in were not incorporated into final story.  V. pissed.
May-2005 Been digging through various works in process and disinterring same.  Sorting out which ones to finish and/or revise, and where to submit.  Well, I do know where one will be submitted, as soon as the anthology is announced as open; editor of same is expecting stuff from me, and has asked me to submit, so that's a plus.
21-Jun-2005 Am seriously considering replacing this with LJ, initially using one of the prefabbed LJ sites on the internet as my various friends do.  However, at th is point, I see no need.

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