Adrienne's Home

Adrienne's Home

Introduction to my world

I'm hoping those of you who are visiting this site don't find it too boring. What you will not find at my site are animations, ear-bending music (or even soothing music) or anything else that sucks up computer time. If the look and feel of this site changes, don't worry. I may change my mind about what I like, and I'll state up front that I reserve the right to change my mind.

General Information

I'm a longtime resident of Silicon Valley, with background in semiconductor assembly, reliability testing, ISO9000 documentation and audit system setup, software support, and system administration.

I also write science fiction and fantasy, which is why there are writing links on this site.

I'm an amateur shutterbug, admittedly not very good, but I do have photos available on the site for viewing.

This site is undergoing redesign...

...So you're going to be seeing off the wall changes happening from time to time here.   Initially, only the main page will have the redesign; as I reformat other pages, you'll see them change.

Except for the graphic border, this site is rather plain.  Who knows what I'll end up doing with it?


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