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I've had Furball since December 1998; he was about four years old when I got him.  He's still a fur ball, and skittish in some ways, but he's also a very affectionate cat.  The first time I cooked dinner after I got him home, I made tuna-noodle casserole (not bland; I include additional ingredients to give it some zing).  Ever since, Furball has associated cooking with "Tuna", which means he gets very demanding with his "Feed me tuna Naoww!!!" meow.  Doesn't matter if it's eggs,  beans, or stir fry.  As far as he's concerned, "cooking equals tuna," and he wants some.

The Brat

Furball's predecessor.  I had this lady for 16 years; she wandered out of a tree in my yard in October 1981, barely half grown, and was with me until October 1997.  I still miss her, even though I enjoy the company of the Furboy.   This photo was taken when she about three years old. 

 Why did I name her The Brat?

She earned it -- feisty, playful, and I loved her anyway.


WorldCon Photos

Selected photos from ConJosé as well as Monterey right afterward, the 2002 World Science Fiction Convention.  I'm not loading all the photos, because there's not enough web space for it.  Picking and choosing which photos to include was hard.

Miscellaneous other photos.  Click the link to see the photo.

American Egret.  I took this photo using a telephoto doubler on top of a 3x zoom, and still had to crop the photo.  Also, since the time I saw the bird was mid-day (11:30 AM), it was rather washed out, so I enhanced the contrast so that Mr. Egret would stand out better from the background.  This is why the road behind him looks so startlingly white.