The Writing Life


Those publications again, plus other information


"Children of Tears", published in Alternate Tyrants (Tor, Mike Resnick, ed.,  May 1997).

"Me and Galahad", with Mike Resnick, in Out of Avalon (Roc, Jennifer Roberson, ed., May 2001)

"Me and Galahad" (reprint), with Mike Resnick, in With a Little Help From My Friends (Mike Resnick et. al, Farthest Star Books, August 2002)

"Maxwell's Law", a short story, published in  Women Writing SF as Men (DAW, Mike Resnick, Ed., June 2003) 

"Custer's Angel", a short story, sold to anthology New Voices of Science Fiction, a SFWA anthology (DAW, Mike Resnick, Ed.,  December 2003) 

"Me and Galahad", with Mike Resnick, ebook, at (2004).


"Nobodies", a short story, sold to anthology I, Alien (DAW, Mike Resnick, Ed.,  April 2005)

Tabular Index of fiction sold 

Other writing

I have several stories in the rewrite stage (who hasn't), and am building a collection of rejection slips. I have friends who plan to paper their office walls with their collections.  

My sometimes-haphazard diary of writing is here.  The link is for the diary page for the current year.  Earlier years are linked at the bottom of these pages.

Pages of interest for writers

Small Press Publishers

The small press publishers listed below are ones where you can find a variety of works which appeal to writers and/or fans of science fiction/fantasy.  Some of these works are reissues of out-of-print works by established authors.  Some of these are nifty-cool-peachy keen books that can be of help to newer writers.  All of them deserve your patronage.

Workshop Groups

Since 1993, I've worked with two different writing workshop groups, both rather informal.  One is on line, and the other meets at regular intervals in the greater San Francisco Bay area.