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This is a totally random list of neat places, only vaguely organized; they are provided here as a service to site visitors.


Science Fiction Weekly
Lots of good SF news, plus you will find my reviews here.

Horror Writers of America

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Locus Online Home of my Newsgroup,Among Many Others

The SF Site
Reviews, Links to Many Online Publications and Newstand Publications; links to Analog, F&SF, and many other SF magazines -- support short fiction and subscribe!

Wildside Press

Home of two of my books, many other neat things worth buying.

South Florida Science Fiction Society


The All-Important Link
This is a fan site's exhaustive concordance to the Sinister Six trilogy, assembling all the information about Pity, the Gentleman, and the Machiavelli Club all in one place.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

One of the best funny sf films I've ever seen.

Landover Baptist Church
This website purports to be the home page of the most berserkly irresponsible fundamentalist church in America. It is mammoth, way too much to read in a single sitting, with insane sermons, paranoid screeds against Harry Potter, fake ads, and some of the most over-the-top political satire I've seen. It's movie reviews see homosexual and satanist overtones in everything. Given the way real websites like it read, the indications that this one's a joke are subtle and welcome. Drop-dead funny.

The Dilbert Zone

Dean and Nigel Blend In
Two people with way too much time on their hands

Incomprehensible Music Video

The Dialectizer
Translates Prose Into Various Bizarre Dialects


Art By Al
Nice Wallpapers

Drew's Script-a-Rama
Lots of Movie Scripts Available

Digital Blasphemy
Lots More Neat Wallpaper

The Onion
Weekly Silly Newspaper - Very Funny

Bush Clock
For those of us who just cannot wait for the next opportunity to have President Bush NOT elected:


Joey Green
College Buddy, author of more bizarre books than I can mention here; as seen on Jay Leno and Rosie O'Donnell; check him out and tell him I sent you.


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