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News Update April 2012!

Lots of new stuff to brag about this time out.

The biggest news is the publication of an entirely new middle-school series from Grossett and Dunlap, four novels featuring the adventures of a very strange young boy by the name of Gustav Gloom. Gustav was raised in a big rambling house haunted, not by ghosts as you’d expect, but shadows. He just might be the one thing that stands between all of humanity and a truly terrible fate. The books are filled with whimsy, terror, and adventure…not to mention the brilliant illustrations of one Kristen Margiotta. The first volume is GUSTAV GLOOM AND THE PEOPLE TAKER, due August 18th, followed three short months later by GUSTAV GLOOM AND THE NIGHTMARE VAULT. Starting with Book 3 in 2013, GUSTAV GLOOM AND THE FOUR TERRORS, developments get more dire. Wait til you see. Just wait ‘til you see.

The second biggest news is the acquisition, by Audible.Com, of rights to all three existing Andrea Cort novels. This includes not only the Philip K. Dick Award-winning EMISSARIES FROM THE DEAD and its immediate sequel THE THIRD CLAW OF GOD, but the elusive volume 3, WAR OF THE MARIONETTES, featuring Andrea in up to her neck on the exotic and mysterious planet Vlhan, heretofore featured in the Nebula nominees “Funeral March of the Marionettes” and “Tangled Strings of the Marionettes.” WAR OF THE MARIONETTES has up to now *only* been available in German, so its first release in a format English readers can appreciate is a major coup.

Prime Books will publish Adam’s short story collection, HER HUSBAND’S HANDS AND OTHER STORIES, in 2013. Confirmed contents will include such acclaimed tales -- all Nebula nominees -- as “Of A Sweet Slow Dance In the Wake of Temporary Dogs,” “Arvies,” and “Her Husband’s Hands.” More info to follow.

Adam’s short fiction continues apace. In May, Tor.Com will publish “Our Human,” a rather dire slice of pure evil involving the search for notorious human war criminal The Beast Magrison (previously alluded to in a couple of prior stories and the novel THIRD CLAW OF GOD). It’s a grim look at what constitutes human…not to mention what constitutes evil.

Later this year, Lightspeed Magazine online will publish a somewhat lighter piece, “My Wife Hates Time Travel,” prompted by the complaints of the author’s spouse, who despite her adoration of DOCTOR WHO, pretty much does.

Adam’s Stoker nominated novella “The Shallow End Of The Pool,” previously only available in a limited edition chapbook, will be reprinted in John Skipp’s 2012 anthology, PSYCHOS.

Award nominations so far in 2012: short story “Her Husband’s Hands,” nominated for both the Stoker and the Nebula; novella “With Unclean Hands,” nominated for the Nebula. It’s a big year for hands.

Adam will be attending the Washington DC Nebulas, the Oasis convention in Orlando Florida, and the August Worldcon in Chicago IL. A mini-book tour to celebrate the launch of the Gustav Gloom series is already planned for Chicago, New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando. Stay tuned for times and dates.

That’s it for now! Be well! 





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