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Among other things, I'm a movie buff. I must see a couple hundred a year, between the theatre and home video, and I have long since come to the conclusion that the best movies, the ones that most deserve our attention, are usually NOT those that "win the weekend" in the stupid newspaper tallies that have brainwashed so many people into considering this vital art form a horse race most often won by fart-and-vomit comedies.

faceI love documentaries, I love independent films, I love screenwriters and directors who manage to produce original and vibrant work in the face of increasing pressures to dumb their stuff down as much as possible. I love Scorcese, Kurosawa, Sidney Lumet, Hitchcock. I find stupid movies that waste my time infinitely more depressing than dark and demanding stuff like HAPPINESS and MAGNOLIA. But I am not an empty snob about it, as I will also enjoy a good popcorn flick if I think it provides the goods (increasingly rare these days, but it happens). These reviews may not often feature my best prose (they're often typed directly to my newsgroup, at a dead heat), but they do show where my criteria lie. Check often for updates, or watch my newsgroup.









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