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Aimee Kratts

Technical Writing

Aimee in Sanibel

QuadraMed Corporation 2004-2005

  • Affinity Laboratory Training Manual

Systems Integration Design 2004

  • Various SDLC information technology documents (project management plans, test plans, and operation manuals) for the Department of Labor's Branch of Policy, Planning and Review.

Exterra Software 2003-2004

  • TradeContractorPRO User Guide
  • TradeContractorPRO Reference Guide
  • TradeContractorPRO Online Help

BMC Software, Inc. 1998-2003

  • Navigator Online Help
  • Ensign Alert Builder Guide
  • Ensign Customization Guide
  • Ensign Installation Guide
  • Ensign Operator's Guide
  • Ensign Release Notes
  • Power Module for Windows NT Agent Guide
  • COMMAND/POST Explorer for MAX/Enterprise Release Notes
  • PATROL Operations Manager Getting Started
  • PATROL Operations Manager Release Notes
  • PATROL Operations Manager Flash
  • PATROL Integration for Sun Management Center Getting Started
  • PATROL for MS Exchange & Windows Server & Diagnose Manager Release Notes
  • PATROL Phonepoint Technical Bulletin
  • PATROL for IP Networks - Diagnose and PATROL Diagnostic Manager Getting Started
  • PATROL Integration for Tivoli Getting Started
  • PATROL Operations Manager (Japan) Release Notes
  • PATROL EM Connection for AlarmPoint User Guide
  • PATROL EM Connection for AlarmPoint Release Notes
  • PATROL EM Connection for AlarmPoint Technical Bulletin
  • PATROL EM Visualis Connection User Guide
  • PATROL EM Visualis Connection Technical Bulletin
  • BMC Impact Integration for PATROL EM User Guide

ITC, 1997

  • Customer/site-specific P/390 hardware installation and configuration manuals.
  • Corporate website design.

Relay Technology, Inc., 1992-1996

X-CUA is an X-base, GUI toolkit that offers a high-level programming facility for X applications.

  • X-CUA REXX Reference
  • X-CUA Programmerís Reference
  • X-CUA Programmerís Guide

Relay/Gold for Windows is communications software that runs on local area networks.

  • Relay/Gold LAN Administrator's Guide
  • Relay/Gold Reference Manual
  • Relay/Gold User Manual
  • Relay/Gold How Do I... Manual
  • Relay/Gold Script Language Manual

Relay/DBA VM is a suite of database administration software.

  • Relay/DBA VM Installation Guide
  • Relay/DBA VM User-Reference Guide
  • DB/ADMIN User-Reference Guide
  • DB/MONITOR User-Reference Guide
  • DB/REORGANIZER User-Reference Guide
  • DB/RESTORE User Guide

Amperif Corporation, 1992

Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society Casework/Financial System.

  • Functional Data Requirements Document
  • Preliminary Information Architecture
  • System Architecture Overview

Interport Software, 1991

Legacy system re-engineering tool.

  • Intercase User's Guide
  • Intercase System Administrator's Guide

BDS, Inc. 1990

New York State Department of Social Services optical scanning tool.

  • Optical Scanner Operator's Guide
  • Optical Scanner User's Guide

Systems Center, Inc. 1986-1990

VMSECURE: A security system that provides system and resource access control, directory management, disk space management, and data encription for the VM environment.

  • VMSECURE System Administratorís Guide and Reference
  • VMSECURE Directory Manager's Guide
  • VMSECURE Messages and Codes
  • VMSECURE User's Reference Card
  • VMSECURE Rules Facility Reference Card

VMACCOUNT: An accounting package for a VM environment.

  • VMACCOUNT User's Guide

VMDIRECT: Directory management software for a VM operating system.

  • VMDIRECT Directory Managerís Guide
  • VMDIRECT System Administratorís Guide
  • VMDIRECT System Programmerís Reference
  • VMDIRECT Messages and Codes
  • VMDIRECT Userís Quick Reference pamphlet

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