Amanda Harte

About Amanda

Isn't it wonderful when dreams come true? I've been very fortunate, because many of my dreams have done just that.

Two of my earliest dreams wound up being inter-related. The first was to become a published author, and the second was to live in Europe. As it turned out, living in France as a college student and then in Germany while my husband was stationed there with the Army provided me with the background for my first historical romance. How's that for what people in the business world would call synergy? I prefer to call it serendipity -- or perhaps Fate.

Fate, chance, luck -- call it what you may -- has played an important role in my life. How else would you explain the fact that one Ides of March when I was still reeling from a major personal disappointment, I wandered into one of the high school classrooms after school and met a man who could make me laugh, the same man who's been my husband for over thirty years? Is it any wonder I believe in happy endings?

No doubt about it, I've been lucky. I had parents who nurtured my love of reading, a sister who shared my dreams and always believed I could make them come true, a husband who's also my best friend and who hasn't lost his sense of humor, even when dinner is late because I have "just one more scene" to write, and loyal readers whose letters make all the hard work of writing books seem worthwhile.

Don't let me mislead you. There have been obstacles along the way, and not all my dreams have come true yet. But I believe that the power of dreams is that they help us through the tough times and give us a reason to celebrate when they come true.

So, my friends, dream on!

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