Amanda Harte

Bluebonnet Spring, An Unwanted Legacy Romance


A Hawaiian honeymoon resort is no place for a widow with two children and a brown dachshund waiting for her at home in Texas.  It’s an even worse place for an auto parts magnate whose fiancée has jilted him only hours before their wedding.

In an uncharacteristically impulsive act, Doug suggests he and Rebecca spend the week that was supposed to be his honeymoon touring the island together. It’s a magical week, one that both Rebecca and Doug know will never be repeated, for this is their version of a shipboard romance.  They’ll never see each other again.

But Fate has other ideas, and a year later Doug arrives at Bluebonnet Spring, Rebecca’s newly opened country inn, for a month’s stay.  It should be a dream come true.  Instead, Doug is Rebecca’s worst nightmare.  There’s no hope for a happy ending for them.  Or is there?

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Bluebonnet Spring is a charming story where romantic love and sexual tension seamlessly intertwine to give the reader a sweet, captivating story.  The importance of family and its tender bonds are evident throughout, and it is heart-warming to witness Rebecca dealing with her two young children who feel the loss of their father.  This book also deals with the realization of lifelong dreams and the importance of believing in oneself enough to take the first step.  And last but not least, we get to witness the transforming power of love.

Together Doug and Rebecca create magic as their love blossoms like bluebonnets in the springtime.

For a delightful story that will install hope in your romantic heart, I recommend Bluebonnet Spring.

Elisabeth Anders for Romance Reviews Today

Ms. Harte has crafted a sweet, feel-good romance that explores love, loss and having the courage to love again. Situations and locales were well researched, and the characters’ motivations were well defined. A truly enjoyable read!

Angie Sarge for Affaire de Coeur

Avalon Books August 2005
ISBN 0-8034-9725-3

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