Amanda Harte

The Brass Ring, The Second Hidden Falls Romance


It ought to be the beginning of happily-ever-after. After spending a year in Switzerland, Jane Moreland is back home in Hidden Falls, reunited with the man she’s loved since she was a schoolgirl. Surely nothing will block their path to happiness, for Matt Wagner is no longer the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. He’s Hidden Falls’ newest attorney, a man whose idealism has turned him into an advocate for the mill workers. Unfortunately, that pits him against his childhood adversary, Jane’s brother.
Matt has loved Jane since the day he saw her riding a merry-go-round, her arm stretched out to catch the brass ring. If the world were perfect, he’d marry her, and they’d live happily ever after. But the world, as Jane and Matt discover, is not perfect, and marriage would mean unthinkable sacrifices for both of them. Jane is better off marrying the railroad tycoon’s son and leaving Matt to devote his life to the mill workers.

That’s the right solution. Or is it? Join Jane and Matt as they travel a road filled with twists and turns in their search for the elusive brass ring of love.

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In this turn-of-the-century romance, Jane Moreland is newly returned home to Hidden Falls, NY from a year in Switzerland, and she thinks nothing can keep her and longtime love Matt Wagner apart. But she soon realizes that the enduring antagonism between her wealthy mill-owning brother and Matt, now a lawyer representing the mill workers, could keep her and Matt from catching happiness’s fabled brass ring. Sweetly romantic and rife with solid historical detail and empathetic characters, this is the latest in Harte’s “Hidden Falls Romance” series.

Kristin Ramsdell for Library Journal

Harte continues her refreshingly different Hidden Falls historical romance series … with a sweetly romantic tale of two people who will not let family, or business, get in the way of their second chance at love.

John Charles for Booklist

Spring is here and with it a refreshing new novel from Amanda Harte. The Brass Ring from Avalon is the second in the Hidden Falls series. Again, Ms. Harte has captured the ambience of early twentieth century America with her poetic description and compelling characterization.

How can Jane Moreland, daughter of wealth and position, consider a life with a man like Matt Wagner, town rebel and renowned troublemaker? Jane is the heir to Moreland Mills. Matt is the son of a mill worker. As she is torn between her obligation to her family and her heart’s desire, he is determined to fight for the rights of those who work to make Moreland’s fortune. As the culture of the time and a longstanding feud create pitfalls, Jane and Matt search for their true brass ring, that dream that can only become reality if they trust their hearts.

With a touch of intrigue and beautiful, tender love scenes, this story offers an invigorating alternative to today’s typical romance settings. The feel of her ungloved hand in his, the first touch of his lips on hers...if you have forgotten how sensual these moments can be, you need to read The Brass Ring.

Clare Austin for Colorado Romance Writers

Avalon Books February 2007
ISBN 978-0-8034-9816-7

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