Amanda Harte

Carousel of Dreams


Susannah Deere dreams of studying art in Paris, but she puts her dreams aside to take her ailing mother back to her childhood home of Hidden Falls. There she meets Charles Moreland, a man with dreams of his own, dreams that he's had to put on hold while he restores the family's fortunes and rebuilds their lives after a disastrous fire.

Though he can ill afford it, Charles commissions a carousel to lift his sister's spirits, little knowing that the carousel will trigger events beyond his wildest dreams. For more than the falls are hidden. The town holds dangerous secrets that threaten everything Charles holds most dear, including his love for Susannah.

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Carousel of Dreams is a plot driven, high energy, fast paced tale -- in short, itís just the kind of story a reader will want to devour in a single night.

There is much more to this than a tale of two people meant to be together, but meeting during what could potentially be the worst time of their lives. There is intrigue and suspense, and secrets which must be uncovered if Charles and Susannah are going to enjoy a chance at love.

As usual, Ms. Harteís vivid descriptions and excellent secondary plots bring realism to life in the United States at the turn of the century. The characterizations are altogether excellent as well. There is a definite past to these characters, main and secondary alike, making them fully dimensional, complete with flaws and idiosyncrasies, as well as dreams and desires.

Ms. Harteís work never fails to impress, and Carousel of Dreams has lived up to my every expectation. For a read that is positively engrossing, pick this one up as soon as possible.

Astrid Kinn for Romance Reviews Today

Carousel of Dreams is a beautiful, poignant story that is vividly narrated by the very talented Ms. Harte. Charles, the pragmatist, and Susannah, the idealist, are perfect for each other. The sorrows and secrets in each of their lives are heart wrenching, but the comfort and joy they bring to each other is utterly beautiful.

Affaire de Coeur

Leisure Books August 2002
ISBN 0-8439-5039-0

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