Amanda Harte

Dancing in the Rain,
Book One of the War Brides Trilogy
Nominated for a 2003 RIO Award of Excellence!


Everyone in Canela, Texas considers Carolyn Wentworth to be nothing more than a beautiful social butterfly. It, therefore, comes as a shock when in the fall of 1917 Carolyn goes to France as a nurse’s aide. Though she’s appalled by the conditions in the hospital, Carolyn will not admit that her impulsive decision may have been the biggest mistake of her life. Instead, she sets out to prove that humor can heal, even resorting to wearing a clothespin on her nose when she empties bedpans.

Clothespin Carolyn, as she’s soon named, is a hit with the soldiers, a fact that annoys Dr. Dwight Hollins, the man who’s reputed to be unable to smile. Doesn’t she understand that war is serious? Someone needs to tell her that, and that someone is Dwight.

Carolyn and Dwight’s sparring soon becomes the talk of the hospital. She tries to teach him the value of spontaneity, while he’s a confirmed planner who believes his is the better approach. On impulse, Carolyn promises that she and Dwight will dance for the patients. And soon, though it’s the last thing either of them intended, their lessons turn serious, and they’re learning much more than the latest dance steps.

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A great read with memorable, realistic characters.

Affaire de Coeur

There are not many novels based on or around World War I available. Until recently, this era was a taboo subject, for it fell between the lines of traditional historical romances and contemporary romances. Ironically, many of the novels based during wartime were also not acceptable either, because conditions did not warrant romance. In Dancing in the Rain Harte brings about a new generation of tales, for many did find love during these times and in the harshest of conditions.  Two thumbs up!

Dancing in the Rain is required reading for those end of summer blues.

Brenda Ramsbacher for Scribblers

With its delicately romantic love story and intriguing WWI setting, the first in Harte's new trilogy is an excellent choice.

John Charles for Booklist

Ms. Harte's story effortlessly immerses us in the middle of World War I in the first paragraph and keeps us there with fine writing and methodical detail.

The story of Carolyn and Dwight is sweet and tender, and they, too, come alive within the first few pages. Their inner conflicts are well developed and explored with the brutal war as their backdrop, making for a highly entertaining read. Dancing in the Rain is a touching, heartwarming story that could not be any better. I highly recommend this novel.

Astrid Kinn for Romance Reviews Today

Avalon Books August 2003
ISBN 0-8034-9606-0

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